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National Diabetes Awareness Month Day 7

"He" holds pumps because "he" is able! Haha! 

Disclaimer: Medtronic didn't pay me for this post (I wish. Lol!). I just like to share cool stuff that has worked for us! Kind of like Oprah's Favorite Things except I am not giving away Cadillacs and iPads. Sorry... Maybe one day... 

Today, I would like to introduce all to a new little guy named Lenny! 

Isn't he cute? 

Don't let him fool you, though. He actually has a job. He is able Rocco's pump at night too! 

Until today, we have always used a wonderful company called Angel Bear Pump Stuff to buy little fanny packs. He puts the pump in the fanny pack and wears it 24-7. He doesn't even notice anymore. It just has become part of him! 

Little ones PJs typically don't have a strong enough waistband for an insulin pump and a clip. The pumps are not heavy but they have a little weight to them. Medtronic came up with a solution to make a stuffed animal that will hold the pump for them. It's our first night with him so I will let you know how it goes! Rocco was super excited to try it. 

Looks good so far!

Lenny's day job is the Mascot for Medtronic.  Medtronic is the company that makes Rocco's insulin pump. 

I met with the Medtronic Rep today and she was fabulous! She gave us this cute little guy because we just got Rocco's new pump upgrade. Medtronic is such an amazing company to work with! I can't say enough about their customer service. From their 24 hour helpline, to their training team, to their sales reps, everyone I have encountered has treated me as a mom trying to help my child. I have never once felt unheard or belittled. I have felt this way with supply companies and insurance companies. Medtronic has always gone WAY out of their way to help us. They are real people trying to help diabetics. 

When we were trying decide to get Rocco a pump, he looked like this.

See the pump on his back?

He was only 2. I needed something that would not be too big for him. I also needed it to have technological advances. I am a techy-junkie and love how fast technology changes! I wanted something that was already ahead of the curve. To be honest, the main reason for wanting this pump was so I would stop giving my little guy the 4-8 shots he needed per day. The pump allowed me to poke him once every three days instead! I was very eager to get that machine! 

We chose Medtronic because, at the time, they were the only company with the continuous glucose monitor. It was an amazing advancement. I was impressed that they had vision and I wanted that for my son. When we made that decision, however, I didn't realize it would be a company I would choose throughout his childhood. The pumps warranty runs out after four years. We had such great service with the first one, we have actually now chosen them twice. He will have used a Medtronic pump from the age of two until ten. It does surprise me that over the past four and half years, they have never let me down. In my experience, these results are not typical of such a large company. 

While speaking my rep she mentioned that Medtronic gives over half of their profits back to research! I was so impressed, I decided to go home and educate myself. I did a little research and found these websites. 

Here are some amazing advancements that Medtronic has on the horizon. 

As I read through the articles, I had two thoughts. One: I was giddy that there are people out there trying to make Rocco's pre-teen years better. Two: I wanted to be part of it! I suddenly wanted to help try to get funding for these advancements. It became a bit of a burning in my chest as the words passed before me. Most people follow their gut. I follow tight feelings in my chest. 

Lately, I can feel myself morphing. Into what, I am not sure. But I am actively trying to say "sure!" and "yes!" to all opportunities lately. I know there is a path for me. So saying yes will hopefully open the doors. It is fun to be hopeful of a new beginning. A beginning with purpose and a direct effect on one of the two people I love most in this world. As I read the words and my chest started to burn, I knew somewhere, somehow I would help them and therefore help my son! But, that's another topic for another day! 

The last reason I love Medtronic is because they have a cool app!  I wanted to show you something your kids (& maybe yourself) would like to play! Type in Carb Counting with Lenny in your app store or google play store. 

It looks like this.

The app has two parts - games and a food guide. The basic principle is teaching your kids how to count carbs. The games are easy enough for a three year old but fun enough for an adult. There are high scores and prizes. 

It is fun for anyone! Even if your children do not have diabetes, it still helps them understand healthy eating and lends to a conversation about carbs in general. 

So, that is my helpful hint for a Wednesday night! Medtronic rocks and so does their app! 

Come back tomorrow because I have a super, sweet story about a conversation between two cute little kids with diabetes! 

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Angela Toucan said...

my kids love Lenny, my mum & I have even made some other soft toys so the kids can swap around (particularly useful when Lenny needs a wash).

I didn't know about that site though, I'll have to go check it out, thanks.