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National Diabetes Awareness Month Day 19

Ok so, remember when I said I was afraid if I started to advocate for diabetes, that I thought I would end up making Rocco a poster boy? But then, remember when I said I wanted to start saying yes to everything, because saying yes opens doors to so many things? 

Well, this is how we spent our Sunday! 

Sorry the pictures are blurry, I was trying to be nonchalant! 

All of this kind of happened kind of organically.  When we were volunteering at our local JDRF office, the super great Events Director was telling us about a black tie fund raiser they do every year. She showed us the video of last year's event and we got talking. Before ya know it, she asked if we might be interested in being in it! Keeping my promise to myself,  I said, "Sure!" 

Then she said, she already had two cute girls in place but she needed some adults with Type 1. She wanted to show that diabetes should no longer just be considered just a "kid disease". Ding! Ding! Ding! I told her I knew the perfect person! And just like that, three weeks later, we were all on a set like Honey Boo Boo! 

Honestly though, it was very fun! Rocco loved being interviewed. The man that was doing the interviewing said he was very articulate. They took him in a room, put him on a stool, and turned on the bright lights. Then, he and the nice man just talked. I tried to stay away and not turn into a stage mom. So, I didn't actually get to see the interview. But later, Rocco told me he said yes or no and then explained his answer. Phew. He is such a great little guy! 

I thought he might like this kind of thing because even when he was a baby, he just seemed "leaderly". It bugs him to not be good at stuff or not be in charge. In my mind's eye, I have always seen him as an adult, speaking at a podium. Just one of those mom premonitions... Between, you and me, I can't wait to see what he will become! He and Zeke! 

I did stop to think about the big picture and spoke about it with my hubby. We both decided doing this video would be one of those things that, years later, he could put on a college application. It was something of which he could be proud. It was done with such respect and if his story touches people's hearts at the dinner, then they will give more money for research. How could we not help? Plus, he and Zeke get to wear little tuxedos at the dinner. I'll make sure to post the pictures!  

On the drive there, Rocco and I talked about his future. He said he would like to be the President someday because he could make sure that no businesses would go out of business. I told him making this video could be his first step in training himself to be the President! He giggled at the possibility. Then, I peeked at him in the rear view mirror, like parents do, and he was daydreaming, out the window, with a big smile on his face. If I could only see his thoughts...

When it was my father-in-law's turn, it was great to see him talking about how he feels about his type 1 diabetes. Most days it is just habit for him, but I am sure being able to share with someone (and eventually a lot of people) probably felt good. He said he had fun, so that is all that matters! I was proud of him for taking such a great step. 

They both, with the other participants, will be on all of the brochures for the event. The video is shown after the dinner at the event. I am looking forward to seeing it. Once, I have permission, I will post it here! The event isn't until the Spring.

Something else happened on Sunday that was really neat, the two cute girls in the above picture actually are the stars for another diabetes blog that is called www.naturallysweetsisters.com! It is a great blog that chronicals the days of caring for both girls, who have Type 1 diabetes. Phew! That is a lot of work. Thankfully, the mom was super awesome. She and I are already becoming fast friends! Feel free to check her blog out. 

I am glad that the diabetic online community is so nice! Unlike the corporate world, they share information versus act competitively! We all have enough to worry about without having to worry about each other. I am grateful for that. 

So, even though I have officially turned myself into a pageant mom for the day, I believe it is something we all can be proud of! Plus, I think it will empower him to do other things. The world is vast and wonderful place! Diabetes or not, something tells me this will be the first of many interviews for Rocco! 

Also, would you mind taking a second to vote again? I really appreciate all your help! You are great! 


Stacey said...

I read Naturally Sweet Sisters too. I saw a post that spoke about a wonderful boy and his grandfather I didn't zoom in on the picture to see it was Rocco. Congrats to all!!

Naturally Sweet Sisters said...

Naturally Sweet Sisters mom here and just wanted to say that it was so much fun to spend the day with you and to meet your wonderful family. You know how you just connect with some people? Well this was one of those wonderful moments of connection! Thanks for sharing your story and for advocating for type 1 diabetes! We will get a cure:)