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1 type 1 diabetes diagnosis

1 happy life

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National Diabetes Awareness Month Day 5


We give back because he is able


Today was super fun! The boys were off school for teacher marking day. We had the opportunity to volunteer at our local JDRF office. Recently, Rocco said he wanted everyone to know that he could do everything everyone else can do; he just has to stop and check his blood sugar sometimes. So, we decided to call today "WGive Back Because he is able" day.


The people at JDRF were super amazing! We spent the morning touring their facility and helping out in our small way. I wanted Rocco and Zeke to see that there are people actively spending their time and energy searching for a cure for Rocco's diabetes. I think it's important to show them these people, to see their efforts and to thank them.


The boys were excited to "go to work and work on a job". When they were three, i remember that we went to a restaurant where the owners had one of their young children working as a busboy.  Rocco sat in the booster seat and stared at the boy. He could barely pull the words together, but he said "That boy is too small for job. Me have job." He wanted to work. Even at three! That desire was finally satisfied today.


They woke up and got "ready for work".  Rocco was excited to wear "daddy (type) work shoesthat my neighbor had given me when her son outgrew them! 

He even grabbed Michael's coffee

cup because he wanted to look official! 

Zeke was excited to wear a sweater. He said he looked proper.


So off we went! 

I explained the idea of JDRF during the drive. Rocco wanted to know if they cut open the research mice.  He felt that the mice were getting hurt on his account. I lied and said they just keep them in cages like pets and watch their behavior. He said, "Yeah, like if they are high, they might run around fast and if they are low, they might slow down." I agreed. Both boys were satisfied with my fibbing.


When we got to the office, they noticed the smell of the office. Coffee and electricity. I told them it was the smell of productivity! They agreed that they liked the smell.


The Outreach Manager, Denise, was so amazing! She was so kind to the boys. Even when they got a little rambunctious at lunchtime!

She took us on a tour of the facility and introduced us to the small and tireless staff. Those folks to whom I am indebted! If it weren't for their passion, drive and expertise, I would have no hope of ever having diabetes end for my little guy.


They came into the boardroom and Rocco (who at this point, you might say, is the more dominant twin) sat at the head of the table. As if he belonged there. He spun around in the spinning chair, slammed his fist gently on the table and jokingly said "Everybody listen up! You're all fired!" in true Donald Trump style. I reminded him that if he fires everyone the first day on the job, HE would have to do all the work. We laughed!


The boy's job was to put labels on the JDRF information booklets. They thought it was so cool!!

Zeke on the other hand took the opportunity to make it a silent competition.  Within the hour and a half we were there, he labeled four boxes of pamphlets whereas his more playful and chatty brother finished only two. He was so proud to silently beat Rocco.


This little man took his job very seriously.

This picture made me wonder just how many kids have sat at the head of a boardroom that actually couldn't quite touch the floor. Hehe! 

"He just has to stop and check his blood sugar sometimes!" or I do...;)

When Rocco got done with his last brochure, he let out a huge sigh of relief and said, "Phew! I finally feel like I have accomplished something in my life!"

The boys kept asking me if they could come back tomorrow. I told them maybe one day soon.  

Tomorrow will be another work daywith Meals on Wheels.


If you'd like to learn more about how to support JDRF, please click here. They need your support.


Thanks again to Denise, Krystal, Susan, Kate, Sally, Bob, Deborah, and Michelle for working so hard everyday to end this disease! We all really appreciate you!

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