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20 years of being in love

14 years of marital bliss

5 years of infertility

9 months of a high risk pregnancy

2 perfect boys (at the same time)

1 heart failure

1 type 1 diabetes diagnosis

1 happy life

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New Pump!!!

When you are on an insulin pump, getting a new one is a pretty big deal! It only happens once every four years. After four years, they are no longer in-warranty. If they are no longer in warranty, the insurance company pays for a new one. At least most of the cost, most of the time. This is a huge relief because they are several thousand dollars. God Bless insurance. Whatever side of the political fence you are on... insurance is helpful, in cases like these. 

Getting a new one is also exciting because it's like getting a new member of the family. Like a puppy or a bird. It will be with us a long time, it is always with Rocco and it enhances our current family unit. Without it, our family would change. 

But, most of all, I see this little piece of technology as a personal friend. Don't worry I haven't lost my mind. It's just that it works just as hard (if not harder) than I do to keep my child alive, healthy and thriving. It helps me estimate whether his blood sugar is going up or down. It helps calculate how much insulin he should get. It gets disappointed when he has a high blood sugar. No! I'm just kidding! Besides Michael, it is the only other "person/thing" I most trust to take care of him in any situation. 

Getting one, this time was no easy task. The insurance company let's just say got all red tapey on me. I have been in the process of getting one since we went into a lake with Rocco's old one! PUMP!! 

If it weren't for the wonderful people at Medtronic and their diligence, I still wouldn't have it. They went so far above and beyond, I felt like I was buying it from Disney! Thank you Medtronic! You have a customer for life! 

So when it came in the mail, Rocco was thrilled! He was mostly excited it was blue! The early one was only gray. Changing colors was fun! It was a little bigger because he will soon be needing more insulin. As he grows, of course, he will need more food at eleven than he will at seven. This new pump holds more insulin. 

When we were opening it, I wanted to make sure Zeke felt included. I knew we would be celebrating and reading directions and excitedly opening packages. I wasn't sure how all of this attention would translate for Zeke. I whispered in his ear, "When Rocco gets a new pump, Zeke gets a new video game!" Zeke loves getting gifts. It is his "Love Language". 

He smiled a super big smile 
and I pulled out one of the presents I bought him for Christmas.

 Let's just say I kind of pulled that one out of my a*s!! I am scrappy, if nothing else! A mom's gotta do, what a mom's gotta do! Right ladies? 

He couldn't wait to push the buttons and check out the new features. 

Even the bird is curious! 

After the new pump was set up and Rocco was all hooked up, the boys ran off to play Zeke's new video game. I looked at the rubble left behind. And there it sat. 

Amongst the refuse of the new pump, the old one was tossed in the mix. 

I got a little sad. This little machine was with us for four and a half years. It kept my son alive everyday. We used it at least 6-10 times a day. It just seemed odd that it was so important just ten minutes ago and now it was "retired" as Rocco put it. 

Medtronic was running a special, you can turn it in for some money. But Rocco wanted to keep it. He said we may need it in case we break ours again! Also, he said in third grade, he could pass it around so all of the kids could FINALLY have a chance to touch it. Kids are constantly asking him if they can see or touch the one hewears. He has figured out a polite but decisive way to tell them no. He says, "If you push a button, I could die." He says this works. OMG! 

So, goodbye little friend. Thanks for all your hard work. Enjoy your retirement. Maybe we can have you do some consulting work soon! 

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