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20 years of being in love

14 years of marital bliss

5 years of infertility

9 months of a high risk pregnancy

2 perfect boys (at the same time)

1 heart failure

1 type 1 diabetes diagnosis

1 happy life

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I am a stay at home mom who is raising twins. One of my guys has type 1 diabetes and one does not. I am writing this blog to unite type 1 parents or twin parents. Comment on my posts or in the "what's your high?" and "what's your low?" to join the community of parents just trying to do the best we can!

We won!





I was just looking on Petfinder.com came across this! 

She made get the belly laugh giggles! I had to share with you! Maybe, I should just go get her because she makes me laugh! Needless to say, sometimes I know how she feels! 


He can because he is able!

Last November, this blog was a concept we discuseed in my sister-in-law's kitchen on Thanksgiving Day. November is National Diabetes Awareness Month. As I researched other blogs, I was watching everyone do all kinds of neat things online to create awareness of diabetes. I was bummed that I wasn't part of it.

So, this year, I now have the platform with which to really help out. wanted to do something useful and also fun! I just wasn't sure where to start. I knew it could be an amazing opportunity to share what it's like to have a child with diabetes and a twin without. Also, I wanted to learn and understand other's lives with diabetes. I wanted to write or share something to explain the difference between Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes.  At the very least, that would be in my plans. But, we could do better than that.  How? I started looking up ideas of past happenings online. I also started asking around about fundraising ideas that the boys and I might be able to handle. I was walking around for a week with my ears, eyes and heart wide open to great ideas. So here is how my week went.


Monday: I had a conversation with Rocco.

"If you could tell someone about diabetes what would you tell them?", I asked.

He stared up at the ceiling for a minute then said, "I would tell them that I can do everything they can do, I just have to stop and check my blood sugar sometimes".

"Ok. Why would you want diabetes to stop?", I asked.

Again with the ceiling. "I wouldn't."

"You wouldn't?", I was surprised.

"No because then I wouldn't get to see you so much in school and I would miss you".

I didn't know whether to cry, laugh or hug him til he popped.

"What if you could take off your pump and put it in a drawer forever?"

"Mom! It helps hold up my pants!" 

I think he thinks the fanny pack type thing he carries it in, is like a belt. I laughed at his perspective.


So, I decided then to call our National Diabetes Awareness Month project,  "I can because I am able".  Even at seven, Rocco understands that his diagnosis is life changing but not life debilitating. He still can do everything else everyone else can do, he just has to stop to care for himself sometimes. 

So, now what? How can I take that and turn it into a month's worth of blog posts? Still open...


Tuesday: I did a yoga class and the instructor talked about a documentary she saw called "Happy". She said she learned that 50% of your happiness comes from physically doing something everyday to make yourself happy. She said it could be exercising, finishing a project, volunteering or getting an ice cream cone by yourself. But, getting up and creating something to do every day creates happiness. The giving part stuck out for me. Like most children today, my little guys are so spoiled. No fault of their own. It's just the times. Toys are easily accessible. However, even if I got their toys at a garage sale or a toy store, I have never left them with the feeling of want. A trait I believe inspires creativity and adaptability. It was always easier to spend the $5 for the crying toddler. Let me tell you Zeke really knew how to turn it on. So, I decided in between the downward facing dog pose 

and the warrior pose, that I would try, as hard as I could, to find situations and walks of life that were different from ours. To break out of our bubble and expose us outside of our comfort zones. To really know the pure joy of giving. To experience people from all situations. We will give because we are "able".


Wednesday: No inspiratation came on Wednesday. ;)


Thursday:  I decided to include pictures of a project that Michael, the boys and I are working on. See the post called "little authors".  We will educate because we are "able".


Friday: I went out with a girlfriend and she shared a website she saw last year. The woman writes a blog called This Lunch Rox. This lady had the same idea as I but she put her action steps in a beautiful bowl with ribbons and cool paper. Their family would pick the activity from the bowl. She said she loves to inspire others so I will include her site and idea here. Here is the site. 


Saturday: The boys went to birthday party. The mom had specifically bought sugar-free cookies for Rocco in case he couldn't eat the cake. it wasn't necessary because with all the running around Rocco's blood sugar became low and actually needed the sugar in the cake to bring his blood sugar up. However, her generosity once again showed me that people are genuinely concerned for other's well-being. It kind of brought me to tears but I held it back. We will treat others with blind compassion because we are "able". 


Sunday: Rocco and Zeke played outside all day with the neighbor kids. Rocco came back to the house two times because he felt low.  He drank some juice or ate some glucose tablets. Zeke came back one time to get their little phone, in case they needed to call me. I went out to check on them one time to make sure they were still at the neighbors. But, we managed. We actually had a normal kid day with diabetes! It was really the first time the boys had a day like I had growing up. Playing outside all day is sadly "old school" now. We play because we are "able".


By the end of the week, I was happy and I had it down! 

I try to will post every day about our regular life with diabetes. I will show others Rocco's message that he can do everything because he is "able". I will stretch my imagination to make it a little more than regular. Hopefully turning our month from ordinary to extraordinary. Nothing more than other wonderful families posting online, I am sure. But, we will also push ourselves outside of our own comfort zone. We will teach ourselves about other ways of life. We will give ourselves in a way that we otherwise wouldn't have. We will share our experiences and hopefully inspire other families to do something to create happiness in their lives.


I have already scheduled five volunteer opportunities! I feel excited and a little nervous about the unknown. But to show the boys how to build character, I need to build some of my own, right? I will start posting November 1, hopefully every day all month. I only want to post to Facebook and Twitter and maybe to Pinterest (if I can figure that one out by then), once a week as to not clog up people's Facebook page. So, if you want to see how it goes just keep checking www.everydayhighsandlows.com every night! As always, thanks for reading and supporting Everyday Highs and Lows!


It's Starbucks Sunday!

It's Starbucks Sunday!!!  

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Can't wait to start posting every day during National Diabetes Awareness Month in November. Hope to see you check us out www.everydayhighsandlows.com


little authors

The idea came from my mother-in-law. Thanks Mama – you’re great! It was inspired by my post Diarrhea"  and "Back to School is a Full-Time Job. I was telling her how much work it was to actually get Rocco settled at school this year. She suggested I create a little book to explain what diabetes is and how it works. She said to make it simple for all adults and even kids to understand. It sounded great, but who has the time to create another book while I am still trying to publish my first one? However, the more she encouraged me, the more I got inspired. But there were already so many great books out there about diabetes. How could I do anything differently?  


I then thought about what makes us unique and what we might do that is different but useful. What hasn't been done yet? As I was thinking, I was blankly staring at Zeke. He got uncomfortable with my stare and asked whether I wanted him to do something for me.  Then it hit me!


Cue the angels singing and the sunshine beaming behind Zeke’s head!! I smiled and said, "Yes, Zeke, you actually can do something for me!"


Zeke! Zeke is what makes us unique! We have a little non-diabetic guy who lives the exact same life as his diabetic brother. He has to deal with diabetes by default.


I asked Michael and the boys what they thought about writing a book. They half-heartedly said sure, but then we started talking about it. The ideas didn't stop flowing! We talked about it for two hours. Creating and re-creating.


We decided we would create a book of questions from kids about what diabetes is all about.

However, we would ask 
questions not only of Rocco but we would also pose questions to ZekeEveryone always wonders what Zeke thinks about all of this anyway, so this could be his chance to finally speak out!


We decided that I will write the questions and the boys will answer and draw pictures that relate to each question. Michael has a background in drawing and art, so he will enhance the boys drawings with backgrounds or additional detail. We are super excited!


Now, I have to figure out how to publish or self-publish this book. Hmmmm.... If anybody has any connections with publishers or illustrators for the front and back covers or is willing to fund our project (ha ha!), just write to me at everydayhighsandlows1@gmail.com.


I have to keep costs down because I told the boys they could keep $1.00 from every book sold. That’s a good motivator for seven-year-olds.  Beyond this payoff for the boys, whave all agreed that any profits would be donated to help cure diabetes. It will be our fundraiser. Who knows, maybe I can convince Scholastic to pick it up! Or the boys can go on a book tour!  I am nothing if not a dreamer!


have already contacted a NY Times best seller illustrator through Facebook and email to possibly create the cover already. He he! Go big or go home, right? We'll see if she answers back.


As we work on it, I will share the progress we make along the way. So far they have two pages done!

If you are a bad person out there, please dont steal our idea - the boys would be crushed!


If you or your children have any questions for Zeke or Rocco, please post them in the comments section below. No question is a dumb one. I would love to hear what you want to know. Sometimes I can't see the forest through the trees. It would be great to get questions from an outsiders perspective! The boys would love to feel connected to this outside virtual world that I speak of often. ;0). Thanks for sharing.




Isn't it exciting when you find a new singer or band that you really like? Well, I found one that I like so much that I thought I would share! Also since, Everyday Highs and Lows is getting a strong international following, maybe people abroad can enjoy his music too! Love makes the world go around. 

His name is Chris Trapper. His music is inspiring, happy and melodic (That really is a word. I looked it up.)  When you play it on a Sunday morning, you feel like you are in a movie where the music plays in the background. I feel like it is the soundtrack to my life as we move through breakfast, drawing, and laundry. 

Last night, I was so fortunate to be invited to a concert by him at someone's house! Thanks to my super cool friend, John, who's a great DJ. Chris Trapper played in the living room while 50 people enjoyed his mezmorizing guitar sounds and his velvety voice.

Sorry this is blurry, I had to snap it quickly. 

During, intermission we went and chatted with him in this person's kitchen! He is one of the nicest guys I have ever met! He lives in Boston and is married with two small children. I thought I would share because it's fun to love every song off of a CD when you spend the money! I now have four CDs and I love every song on each one of them. You can find him on iTunes or on www.christrapper.com

Yes, ladies, he's hot too! 
Here is his latest song. Hope you like it too! 

Thanks again to John for inviting me to a house concert! I'm hooked! 



Starbucks Sunday!

It's Starbucks Sunday! Congratulations Mike! You won a Starbucks gift card! Most times, it is random! I really do look at all of the "LIKES" on Everyday Highs and Lows Facebook page, close my eyes and point to someone! But, today I wanted to make this one on purpose. Mike has sent my blog into his stratosphere! He has posted, reposted, liked and even included EHLs in his funny videos. Thanks Mike! Even though you are halfway across the globe, have a drink on me! 

Who will be next? Thanks for reading everyone! 

New Pump!!!

When you are on an insulin pump, getting a new one is a pretty big deal! It only happens once every four years. After four years, they are no longer in-warranty. If they are no longer in warranty, the insurance company pays for a new one. At least most of the cost, most of the time. This is a huge relief because they are several thousand dollars. God Bless insurance. Whatever side of the political fence you are on... insurance is helpful, in cases like these. 

Getting a new one is also exciting because it's like getting a new member of the family. Like a puppy or a bird. It will be with us a long time, it is always with Rocco and it enhances our current family unit. Without it, our family would change. 

But, most of all, I see this little piece of technology as a personal friend. Don't worry I haven't lost my mind. It's just that it works just as hard (if not harder) than I do to keep my child alive, healthy and thriving. It helps me estimate whether his blood sugar is going up or down. It helps calculate how much insulin he should get. It gets disappointed when he has a high blood sugar. No! I'm just kidding! Besides Michael, it is the only other "person/thing" I most trust to take care of him in any situation. 

Getting one, this time was no easy task. The insurance company let's just say got all red tapey on me. I have been in the process of getting one since we went into a lake with Rocco's old one! PUMP!! 

If it weren't for the wonderful people at Medtronic and their diligence, I still wouldn't have it. They went so far above and beyond, I felt like I was buying it from Disney! Thank you Medtronic! You have a customer for life! 

So when it came in the mail, Rocco was thrilled! He was mostly excited it was blue! The early one was only gray. Changing colors was fun! It was a little bigger because he will soon be needing more insulin. As he grows, of course, he will need more food at eleven than he will at seven. This new pump holds more insulin. 

When we were opening it, I wanted to make sure Zeke felt included. I knew we would be celebrating and reading directions and excitedly opening packages. I wasn't sure how all of this attention would translate for Zeke. I whispered in his ear, "When Rocco gets a new pump, Zeke gets a new video game!" Zeke loves getting gifts. It is his "Love Language". 

He smiled a super big smile 
and I pulled out one of the presents I bought him for Christmas.

 Let's just say I kind of pulled that one out of my a*s!! I am scrappy, if nothing else! A mom's gotta do, what a mom's gotta do! Right ladies? 

He couldn't wait to push the buttons and check out the new features. 

Even the bird is curious! 

After the new pump was set up and Rocco was all hooked up, the boys ran off to play Zeke's new video game. I looked at the rubble left behind. And there it sat. 

Amongst the refuse of the new pump, the old one was tossed in the mix. 

I got a little sad. This little machine was with us for four and a half years. It kept my son alive everyday. We used it at least 6-10 times a day. It just seemed odd that it was so important just ten minutes ago and now it was "retired" as Rocco put it. 

Medtronic was running a special, you can turn it in for some money. But Rocco wanted to keep it. He said we may need it in case we break ours again! Also, he said in third grade, he could pass it around so all of the kids could FINALLY have a chance to touch it. Kids are constantly asking him if they can see or touch the one hewears. He has figured out a polite but decisive way to tell them no. He says, "If you push a button, I could die." He says this works. OMG! 

So, goodbye little friend. Thanks for all your hard work. Enjoy your retirement. Maybe we can have you do some consulting work soon! 


Confession of carb addict (who also takes care of a Type 1 kid)

When Rocco was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, it was stunning. Kind of like, when you hit-your-head-on-the-corner-of-the-cabinet-door stunning!  

I had to (and still have to) count every single carb that goes into his mouth. Carbs are the food type that raise blood sugar. Insulin is the stuff that helps you process the carbs. Every bite he took, I would stare at him. I would count as he ate- five carbs, ten carbs, wait, no, maybe eight carbs. 

After he finished eating, I felt guilty trying to eat myself. If he saw what I was eating, often including high-carb foods, he would want some. Almost all two-year-olds want what their moms and dads are eating. If he ate some of my food, I would need to give him an extra shot. He never complained about the shots, but I couldn't handle giving him any more than the necessary four to six injections per day. Welcome to Type 1 diabetes, right?


He was diagnosed a couple days before Labor Day, and by Christmas I had lost ten pounds. It felt good but like any stress-related weight loss, I didn't look so great with the baggy eyes and limp hairdo. I also ate less because I was so involved in taking care of my two busy-bodied two-year-olds.

Here they are looking at a potato bug rolling into a ball. They sat like that for close to 45 minutes as the stupid bug crawled around. I snapped a picture then went to sneak some food! 

 However, when I did finally eat, I ended up sneaking quick snacks from funny places where I would hide my carbs, like the corner of one cupboard very high up or deep in the recesses of my walk-in pantry. Imagine what a therapist's might think if she came into my home and saw mliterally "in the closet" shoving Cheetos my throat. My goodness! She sure would make some money off of me!


After everything calmed down, a couple of months later, I was out with a girlfriend and I said, "OK,please don’t judge me but I am DYING for something with tons of carbs!!" She giggled, and we ordered orange juice and bagels smothered in cream cheese! 

It was like I was on the Survivor show. You knowwhere they take you to a huge yacht to get a shower and have a fabulous meal? Yep, that was me! Garbaging down! 


Now the kick to my life is, I have a diabetic son but my favorite food type is carbs! Carbs any kind, anywhere, anytime. I'm just sayin'...


Imagine Alanis Morisette singing, "Isn't ironic?"

My last request for food on Earth would be donuts!! Sprinkly, pink, jelly-filled, yummy donuts!

(Darn it! Now, I am craving donuts! Resist the urge, mommy! Resist!)


Over the past several years, I have more than satisfied my addiction to treats whenever I was sans children! My girlfriends would laugh! It was always with girlfriends because, really, when you are a stay-at-home mom in charge of babies or toddlers, the only time you allow yourself to get away is when you meet a girlfriend. Sad but true.


I still have a stash of little Hershey candy bars in my pantry. But I am not sure this is any different than any other mom! Lol! The other day, one of my BFFs finally sent her toddler to his first day at pre-school. She was really nervous because as she puts it, "He is allergic to the planet."  He is allergic to wheat, soy, dairy, and, most of all, nuts. She texted me twenty minutes after dropping him off. Here is what she wrote: "Mmmmm, carrrooott cakkkee!!" 


(Look at those nuts!)

I didn't stop laughing for ten minutes!  I imagined her, in her hiding spot, the car. Haha! 

Just to make us all feel better, when I was googling pictures of people eating Cheetos in the pantry this statement about Heidi Klum came up:

Famed for her Project Runway-sleek style and uber-fabulous fashionista life, Heidi Klum isn't quite as perfect as she seems. She adores Cheetos, admitting that the Project Runway crew "all have orange hands." And if she could wear only one outfit for the rest of her life? Forget the diva designs: "I have a whole army of pajamas," Heidi told a Glamour magazine reporter.

See? She wears a light up bra and underwear during the day and then garbages down on Cheetos at night. We all have our vices! 

So, tell me the truth, what kinds of foods do you indulge in when your children are not around?


a follow up to yesterday's post

So, here's an update. The party was "THE BEST PARTY IN THE WORLD!!" according to the boys when they got home. But, when I walked into the party I saw this little cutie! 

Sorry, I had to cut off his head, in my excitement, I forgot to ask his mom if I could put him in my post. 

As cute as he was, in my head, I said, "Oh, come on!" If you want to know why, scroll down and see yesterday's post. Darn it! Ok, Mrs. V, you rock! I do not. She did, by the way, tell me that two coats of paint work. So, with more time maybe I will go back at it before Halloween. Oooooorrrr, maybe the boys will use the giant boxes to make forts. We'll see...

After we left, Zeke told me that, at this party, you could choose to eat your healthy stuff (i.e. hot dog and chips) first or you could choose to eat the junk food (witch cupcake) first. I asked which he chose and he said, "The healty stuff." 

I said, "Good job." 

To which he replied, "I knew Rocco would need to have the healthy stuff first for his diabetes. If he saw me eat the junk food, he might be sad."

Yes, of course, I squeezed him as hard as you probably want to right now. 

Most of the time Zeke is pretty neutral about diabetes but not tonight, I guess. Maybe he is growing up...

I thought this was kind of cool! Mr Miyagi would be proud! 


Lego vs. Ninja!

So, the boys got invited to a Halloween party tomorrow.  I had this bright idea to make the boy's Halloween costumes this year. Since they are Lego maniacs, I thought making them Lego bricks was a good idea! Something like this little guy. 

I borrowed two perfect-sized moving boxes from my neighbor. My plan was to cut some holes in the front. Then, I would push dixie cups through the holes. Tape them on the back side. Then, spray paint the whole thing. The hubs and I started our project around 3 o'clock. We figured it would take about two to three hours, then we would have dinner. So, we began. 

First, cut cups. 

Michael has one of those exact eyes. He didn't measure any of these. He just started cutting. I was impressed how even they were! Good job honey! 

We decided to test one out in the flap that we would eventually would cut off. 

Glad we did because cutting into thick cardboard was kind of hard. 

But, then Michael said, "Let's do a test and make sure the spray paint will stick to the wax covered cups."

Um, weeeeeellll...... Now what?  

Take note that there are no pictures of the boys here in the background. Michael and I learned when they were three years old, never to call them in at the planning stages. Sure, call them in anytime there is the glueing, glittering, shaking or exploding. But, NEVER during the planning. It's a pain in the butt! Too many cooks, literally, in the kitchen. They were watching TV. Just like we like it! 

I suggested craft paint. Nope... Hmmm. 

He said we should try to see how the spray paint would look on the box. If it covered the letters, then we agreed we would go shopping to find better cups. 

Yeah,,,, no. No what? Ya know what, screw it! Plan B. What kind of outfits can we go buy? 

Ninjas! Let's be ninjas! Off we went! They wanted this specific one because they had a red one for Zeke and a green one for Rocco. Perfect! Let's go. 

Store #1 didn't have them. 

Store #2 didn't have them.

Store #3 didn't have them. But they did have eggs, lunch meat, milk and yes, sugar-free Ice breaker candy. How could I say no? Look at them! 

Store #4 didn't have them either but they settled on another red one and a white one. THANK GOD!!

Two happy boys! Time for some fun! 

Yawn! Where has this day gone? 


Yes, it is too big. But, I am not going back! 

A battle before bedtime! 

Sweet dreams happy ninja!

So, that was my Saturday! How was yours?