Our long story shortened...

20 years of being in love

14 years of marital bliss

5 years of infertility

9 months of a high risk pregnancy

2 perfect boys (at the same time)

1 heart failure

1 type 1 diabetes diagnosis

1 happy life

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I am a stay at home mom who is raising twins. One of my guys has type 1 diabetes and one does not. I am writing this blog to unite type 1 parents or twin parents. Comment on my posts or in the "what's your high?" and "what's your low?" to join the community of parents just trying to do the best we can!

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My Apple Affair

I am sure you all remember "The List" from the show Friends. You know, the approved list of people you can "hang out with (that's my code language for my PG13 blog) if you ever meet them. If you are too young (or maybe too old, ha!) to remember, here's how it went. First, you made a list of people you really liked. Mostly celebrities, mainly good-looking onesOnce the list was created, it had to be approved by your spouse. Once approved, the list gave you permission to "hang out" one time without getting in trouble with your spouse.


Well, my list back in the day included hotties like:

Eddie Cibrian, 

Taylor Kitsch, 

and Tim McGraw. 

Oh, and hot cowboys. 

No! Not like this...

More like this....

Or this....

I just have a thing for cowboys. Just sayin.


The other day, I realized that since I’ve turned forty, my list has drastically changed from my twenty-year-old version. The people I would like to "hang out" with now made me giggle.


Then, I started laughing because I also realized I really do only want to hang out with these people now in the platonic sense. Not "hang out", if ya know what I mean! 


Here is my current "hang out" list:


A financial planner (good looking or not)
A good-looking endocrinologist (diabetes doctor).
A cowboy (no change here!)
And last but not least, an Apple Genius


What? The geek in the Apple store?




The other day, I went with my girlfriend to one of my favorite places in the world - the Apple store. It ranks just below Costa Rica but above Italy on my favorite place list. The creativity, the bright lights, the oozing technology and yes, my new favorite person on the planet - the Apple Genius! I could definitely have an affair of with one of these guys! Don't worry, I already told my husband! He said "Really?" Then, he said, "OK, put them on the list. Weirdo!"


Funny how the rules of attraction change. Previously, I was looking for a nice smile, big shoulders and dimples.  Now all I want information! Apparently, brains really are beautiful. Well, at least for those of us who are over forty.


You see, as I do my blog, I am limited. There are dozens of ways to help spread the word about blogs. These methods are mainly on the”back side. The back side refers to the technology that resides behind the apps, blogs, and websites. Things like hash tags, SEO and social media networking. See, I lost you already, haven't I? Well, me too! That stuff bores me to pieces. I like writing and connecting. I do not like doing the research necessary to get to the next level. It takes too long. First you must learn all of the gimmicks and techniques, and then you try to apply it using trial and errorThat alone could eat up a good part of a forty-hour work week. Snore, snore, snore!


I need someone who already knows all this stuff and can teach me the methods that will work for me. Someone to teach me the efficient and effective stuff. Efficiently and effectively! 


I decided last year that I would write my blog for a year. If I didn't like it, I would stop. If I liked it, I would invest in hiring an expert to make it bigger and more well-known. Well, it has only been nine months and I already know that I love it! I know that connecting with others through writing is my place in the world. It's the only place I get in the zone! Like a border collie herding sheep! I am focused and happy. 

So, now I need to hire someone. But how? But who? 


The bad news is, I had no idea where to start looking for someone to hire. Ugh! Where do you find a savvy geek? I thought about hiring a college kid at my local university. Maybe. Craigs List, hmmm, probably, but how do I trust someone weird I find online? Then, it hit me! The Apple Store! There are tons of computer-savvy people there! Maybe they know something. When I want something, I am like a dog with a bone.



So, off I went. The minute I stepped into the space which is Apple, I got a rush! 

It's always buzzing with people and ideas and most importantly, possibilities. I always want to tap someone on the shoulder and say "What are you going to use your iThing for?" Something only a few people know about me (well, until now) is- I am a techie junkie! I love technology....  If I could put Apple in charge of curing diabetes, it would be done in six months! Their cure would always work and would be easy to do. Every Apple product is just so easy to use! Call me a yuppy but give me a Starbucks pumpkin spiced latte, some indie rock music and any Apple product and watch me go! 


I digress...

So, when I got to the store I told the people holding iPads near the front door (aren't they like bouncers at a hot club in NYC?) that I needed to speak with a "Genius", as they so humbly call themselves. In my opinion, they couldn't have picked a better name. They know everything I want to know, so, to me, they are all as smart as Albert Einstein. 

The bouncer at the door typed my name in her special iPad and told me the geniuses weer busy but one of them would be with me shortly. I know they do this because they want you to play with their toys. I am Apple-intoxicated but not Apple-naive. No problem.  I was happy to wait and play. As I fall in love with all of the white products, Andy walks up to me. Ahhhhaaahhha! I could hear angels singing nearby and I saw a white glow around him!

Please God, let him have all the answers! Poor Andy had no idea what was about to hit him! 


Andy politely walks up to me and introduces himself. I am so excited to get to my answers that I start nervously rambling. I try to keep a cool demeanor, but I can tell my heart is jumping around like that of a kid on a trampoline!


I tell him I write a blog. I am always a little shy to say this to people. I am always waiting for people to not take it seriously or not know what a blog is. Andy's response "That's really cool!" And he meant it! 


Andy, my love, you had me at "That's". I suddenly am in love. Cartoon hearts float over his head. I am smitten! Then, he goes on to tell me that he writes a blog about his work in photography. To which I say,"That's really cool"! Why not? I’m speaking his language!


Then I get flustered, forget about my blog for a minute and start telling him about my current project making photo books. I’m embarrassed to tell him how many photos I have online, mostly of the kids. Let's just say it has 5 numbers in the total. That's all I'm sayin...I admit to the number of photos I have because I need to see how much memory I will need to complete my current photo book project. And do you know what he said? "Well, that's not alot. I have way more with my photography business". Angels sing and cartoon hearts flow. 

Ok, Shari focus! 

Of course, I want a Mac Book Pro laptop but do not need a Mac Book Pro.  What I really need is new carpeting and a new driveway. But maybe I can Craigslist something I don’t need anymore in my house and invest the proceeds in new Mac Book Pro technology. This is the secret shell game played by many stay-at-home moms who are on a budgetWant/Need something new? Sell something old. I bought my entire new bedroom set entirely on money from selling old stuff on Craigslist. Hmmm.... What do I have to sell...

Finally, I get back to my blog and I tell him about my limited knowledge of the back side of the blog world. He listens intently nodding and then says, "I have just the guy you need to talk to". Really? Yay!!!! Jackpot!! My plan worked! The geeks (and I use that word lovingly) know other geeks! I love them all!!!Andy, will you marry me? At the very least, I wanted to go on a second date. I thought about asking him what time his break was so we could continue our connection over coffee. But, this is when my husband usually gently reminds me that strangers don't know my quirky personality and will think I am weird. I hear him protecting me in my head and I decide against requesting a coffee date. Andy then gave me the website of a guy that does EXACTLY what I need. Only problem is, his services cost about the same as a new MacBookPro. Want/need, yet again... 

With the sweet feeling of success in my heart, I told him thank you so much! I almost kissed him, remembered my husband, then turned on my heels with a giant grin. I was on my way - in more ways than one!


As my girlfriend and I walked out of the store, she said, "Why do you have hives all over?" Oh God, the curse of the excited hives... Again...


Oh Canada!

This weekend, my mom, mother-in-law and I took the kids to Toronto and Niagara Falls in Canada! It was an awesome weekend! They had so much fun. We went to CN Tower, the Science Center and the Falls. They were also impressed by how much glass all the buildings in the city had! Big cities are so much fun for little ones! 

When we were at the Falls, Zeke said, "Mom, this is a once in a lifetime thing! Or well, maybe twice because I really like it!"

Here are the pics from our trip.

Double Rainbow!

My mother-in-law was saying "Get down!" at this point! 

It is so nice to be with two women who would also give their life to protect your cubs! 

I can see this one being a permanent pic in our family!

Maybe one day!

My little Canadians!

This looked kind of real.


Imagine being 6 and looking up at that!

Now, imagine being 6 and looking down at that! 

Excited to use the subway!

I shot a video of the subway starting to move. This video directly shows their personalities. Rocco is always excited about new things. But, he also thinks things are going to be way cooler than they are sometimes. Look at his face once it starts. Ha! I think he was bummed because it wasn't faster. Zeke is the opposite. He worries first. He was really worried that it was going to be loud. I love his grin as he realizes it wasn't so loud! 

I wonder if they will always be like this.


Thanks Canada! You are fun! 


The other day I ran into a girl I know. We have been friendly in limited contacts, and we are Facebook friends, but to date we have never really hung out with each other. I was pleasantly surprised to see her. Right away she said, "Oh my Gosh! I just love your blog! I read every post!" I was flattered that she even read it, much less liked it enough to bring it up. "Oh, thanks for reading it!" I replied.


Then she said, "It really helps me keep things in perspective." I was puzzled, confused, really. Perspective on what?


Then it hit me. She thinks I have it bad. I realized that possibly she and maybe others see that the life shared by Rocco and me and my family is something for which they should feel badly. I guess dealing with diabetes does somewhat suck! It is a number chasing game every day, but I never once have seen us as, well, for lack of a better word, "victims".


The most ironic thing is, if you know me at all, I am the one who is eternally, even annoyingly sympathetic to the strife of others. My friends say I carry other people's problems on my shoulders. I feel badly for EVERYONE and for their struggles. I feel deeply sad if someone I know is going through a tough time. So, funny enough, I never once considered that people might actually feel badly for me or Rocco. Hmm.


So, if you have ever felt badly for us, I would like to say thank you for your genuine care and concern. I appreciate the love given. On the other hand, life is hard and crap happens. Don't worry for us. Rocco is the toughest kid I know. He will do just fine in life. I have faith. So, I am officially letting you off the hook and inviting you to have faith with me. I appreciate the love you have felt for us over the past year. Thanks for being a friend!


As for me, well, no worries here! God and my mom have blessed me with an incredible array of defense mechanisms. Although I have been plenty tested over the past ten years I always find reserves I never knew I had. So, thanks for reading. I do hope I can give everyone some perspective, but in a way that helps them to appreciate the inevitability of everyday highs and lows. If I can do that for a couple of people, then sharing our story is totally worth it! Thanks for your interest and support.


And thanks to my friend for giving me some perspective! It was a really helpful comment.





bike bag

When Rocco leaves the nest to play in the neighborhood with friends, I have always been a little concerned about his diabetes management. Of course, exercise is the best thing a child can do if they have Type 1 diabetes. But exercise can lead to dangerously low blood sugar because it uses up stored sugar/glucose in the system. Most times Rocco can sense if he is getting too low, but not always. Therein lies the problem. To have him play at a neighbor's house where I can't see the signs of a low blood sugar is, well for me, a little scary.


As his mom, I know his signs for low blood sugar, although sometimes he will go low without clear symptoms. Only once have I ever been completely surprised. 

Click here to see the details of the story. 

In this picture his blood sugar is only 23. See, it's so hard to tell. I know this and can't rely on the untrained eye from a neighborhood mom to have him play freely. 

Since that day, cocky Shari no longer exists. Now, I struggle between cocky, invisible Shari and overprotective, don't leave my sight Shari. It's a balance. It's also a balance to let a kid be kid. To let him play in his own neighborhood and not have his mom in the car two houses away. Because after the 23 episode, believe me, I would if I could. Just kidding. Sort of.... I know my fellow D moms are agreeing with me. Lol! I am not alone... 

Now, I just check his blood sugar before he goes out, making sure that he’s at maybe 170 or 180 rather than the 130 we usually shoot for.  If not, he’ll have a snack before he leaves. Then I pray and wait. 


Also, I try to control my fears by looking for tools that will let him play freely while still being responsible with his diabetes. So last year I began packing a backpack with “diabetes tools” that he can bring with him. He has always been good about taking his diabetes stuff with him, but I just wanted to make this as seamless and unobtrusive as wearing his insulin pump.  And I’ve found that Rocco, like other six-year-olds, has no problem at all carrying a neat backpack around. 

Of course, the tools in the backpack must include his blood glucose monitor and some form of sugar. He also carries glucagon (which provides an injection of sugar for use if he should pass out), glucose tabs, a juice box and a cell phone. Yes, I know. Please don't make fun of me. I, at least, got the free flip phone that came with the $10 add-a-line. I got the phone because if he feels low he can call me so I can come get him. He used it three times last year and his blood sugar was low all three times, at 42, 57 and 61. On the plus side, Rocco usually can usually sense when he is getting low and can use his other tools to fix the situation.  But the phone is an excellent backup if he becomes confused or needs some advice.    

This is him so proud of his new freedom. 

This is him learning how to text. 

Funny side note: 

This day was the first day he had the phone. He thought he was soooo cool. Even though it is officially "both boys" phone. Rocco took over. He spent the entire time out actually texting me and not playing with his friends. Here were the texts:


"I lov u"

"Zeke is plain" (playing)

"I fel prfict"

"I fel low"

I went to get him and he was 62. Best $10 I ever spent. Even if my 5 year old had a phone. 

I did laugh at myself and said "if your kid still spells phonetically they shouldn't have a cell phone!" haha! 


So, the backpack was a good idea, but today at my local Pottery Barn outlet, I found this! It's a bike bag! It snaps on the handle bars of his bike and can act as his backpack. It will always be with him, and he can have his stuff when he needs it without being saddled down. 


I hope this idea is helpful to all you diabetes parents out there! If you don't want to spend the money or don't have a Pottery Barn store near you, I think you could do the same with a lunch box and sew some straps onto it. Send me pictures if you make one up!  



Having two six-year-olds was fun this summer. I have taken the boys to every patch of woods, every river bedevery swamp and every nature trail my city has to offer. Since we love the outdoors, we’ve had a blast discovering great colored rocks, weird bugs and different markings left by animals. Odd that I used to find fun in the mall but now find it in the swamp! My how things have changed!

-this one was not easy to let them do! It became the internal mommy struggle of letting them grow and be daring vs. holy crap they are going to crack a bone! 

All of this was great until it was laundry time. Dum, dum duuuummm.... Laundry, well, it's laundry. But now it's laundry from the woods, from the swamps and from the rivers. Yuck! 


The only saving grace is I have decided to switch my perspective from dread and procrastination to wonder and curiosity. My way of making it fun comes from playing a game called "What's in their pockets." Because if I didn't find fun in this, it would make me insane. For eons, little boys (and probably little girls) have been putting things in their pockets. I mentioned the rock collection in a previous post. 

Click here to read it.  

Here is the rock collection today. 

The larger collection now belongs to both boys since they found my present to Zeke in the laundry room. When they found it and I explained what it was, they both squealed with delight and thanked me politely. Then they grabbed the vase and proceeded to dump the rocks outcracking the vase in the process. Oops! Oh well, it was from the dollar store anyway. They sorted them by color and decided to add the ones that Rocco had recently collected. Apparently, bigger is better than a sappy gift from your mother when you’re six.


They have now decided they needed a bigger container. Thus, THE NEW, ULTIMATE ROCK COLLECTION!!! THE BIGGEST ROCK COLLECTION THE WORLD HAS EVER SEEN!!! Or at least that's what they called it once it was all mixed together.


Back to laundry. After a trip up north. I was a little excited to play my new laundry game. I thought I would share what only two loads produced:


Really??? This is such a snapshot of our current life! 

It is so funny how a boy will stick a dead leaf in his pocket... Not sure where one of them picked up that gold coin from Italy... HEY! There's the green ninja helmet! ... Boys!


Well, there concludes another game of "What's in their pockets.


I’m grateful to see only have nerf bullets and ninja hats instead of girls' phone numbers and car keys. At least for a while longer!

On a side note, I just found out about this little cutey today! He wrote a book and published it about having the first day of school jitters. He said if he had 100 pockets he could put all of his favorite things inside them to help him conquer his fears! How cute is that? He is 10. If you want to buy one you can visit his Facebook Page called If I had 100 pockets. So cute! I think I need to meet this kid! 

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