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20 years of being in love

14 years of marital bliss

5 years of infertility

9 months of a high risk pregnancy

2 perfect boys (at the same time)

1 heart failure

1 type 1 diabetes diagnosis

1 happy life

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I am a stay at home mom who is raising twins. One of my guys has type 1 diabetes and one does not. I am writing this blog to unite type 1 parents or twin parents. Comment on my posts or in the "what's your high?" and "what's your low?" to join the community of parents just trying to do the best we can!

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if you can't beat 'em...

Everyday at school,  Zeke collects rocks. He puts them in his pocket. Everyday, I wash the pants (and rocks). Everyday, I open the dryer because he rocks are loud and annoying. I worry that they are going to dent the dryer, scratch the dryer or rip the clothes. So, I pull them out. You would think I would check the pants pockets before I wash the pants so I don't have to hear them in the dryer, but I don't. Don't know why I don't. I just don't. 

I hate the rocks!

Well, I hated the rocks until today...

Today, I pulled out a rock from the dryer and I actually looked at it. Usually, I just throw them in the garbage or outside. Stupid annoying rocks...

The rock was pretty. Actually, really pretty. In a rock sort of way. 

Then, I imagined my little guy finding such a pretty rock. He must have been delighted by it. So much so, that he decided it was good enough to save. I thought about him on the playground taking a minute for himself. Away from all the kids, the teacher's demands and the noise. Only for moment he took some time for himself everyday and found a cool looking rock. "Good for him!", I thought.

So, I went into the kitchen and I found a pretty vase and I put all this week's rocks in it. I will use it in my laundry room as a reminder to myself to take simple moment everyday for me. Just me. 

I won't tell my little guy that I am collecting his rocks though. No. Then, he would start collecting them for me. That will change which rocks HE chooses. It will make me part of his alone time. He needs this and I won't butt in. I will leave it sacred. 

One day, when he gets his first office. I will transfer the rocks into a manly jar and I will give them back to him as a present. He can use it as a bookend or a cool decoration. But, more importantly he can see it as a reminder to stop and take a moment out of a new busy day - just for himself. 

Hope Zeke inspires you too to collect a rock now and again!


Disney Loves Kids with Diabetes!

Like almost every mother out there, I have always wanted to treat the boys to a trip to Disneyworld.

I went when I was four and I still remember It's A Small World, the way the fur on Pluto's suit felt when he hugged me for the picture and the way my 1970's polyester dress scratched my first degree sunburned shoulders. I also remember the magical world that is Disney.

As much as I think of the magic, every time I have considered a trip to Disneyworld over the past six years, there are other thoughts that entered my mind:

• Screaming infants on a delayed flight
• Portable cribs in a hotel room
• Heavy double stroller.
• Hot sweaty babies.
• Toddlers having tantrums
• Grumpy four year olds.
• Blood sugars rising because of tantalizing treats beautifully displayed.
• Blood sugars falling because of walking for hours.
• Heavy $5 bottles of water.
• Pumps being taken off and put back on because of pools and water parks.
• Security for twin toddlers.
• Packing all of the diabetes supplies.
• Spending at least $4,000 in five days.
• Heavy backpacks filled with kid stuff.
• My own healing heart as I troop through 90 degree weather with two toddlers and a husband who doesn't like crowds.

So, needless to say, we never went.  Anywhere.  Any consideration of a family vacation also brought up the same thoughts.

Until last Thanksgiving, when we went to Texas to visit my brother-in-law and sister-in-law and their kids. You know what? It was awesome! The packing of the diabetes supplies wasn't bad at all. Blood sugars ran well. Family was awesome! And the boys LOVED their first flight!

This experience made me brave enough to research a Disney trip. We haven't booked it yet, but I was talking to my friend Amy about ripping the Band Aid off once and for all and she sent me this link:

It is Disney's on-line parenting site. Much to my surprise, they have a separate tab about Type 1 Diabetes!  I have learned that Denise Jonas (diabetic Nick Jonas's mom) and Lilly Diabetes have teamed up with Disney to launch an area in the Disney world that is all about Type 1 diabetes!

Denise and Lilly also feature Coco the monkey, a new character that has Type 1 diabetes. Wow!! This is so exciting!  Click here for the details:

Another "diabetes mom" friend told me that when you book on 1-800-Disney, all you have to say is that your child is diabetic.  Then, they start asking you his or her insulin regiment, insulin type, special dietary requirements and all sorts of other questions on taking care of your child! Wow! Thanks Nick and Denise Jonas and the folks at Lilly! I am less scared to go now!

Once I actually book the trip, I will blog the entire experience and keep you all in the loop on the pitfalls and exciting things that happen to us during the trip. Stand by...

Anyway, let me know if you order anything from Cindy or if you go or have gone to Disneyworld. I would love to hear about your experiences!

Here are three other wonderful websites I found that you may enjoy!

Robyn at Travel with the magic travel agency says she knows everything there is to know about diabetes at the park! Her husband and her son both have Type 1 diabetes so she knows first hand the perks and pitfalls of traveling to Disney with diabetes. You can see her website at www.travelwiththemagic.com and you can reach out to her at Robyn@travelwiththemagic.com.
Tell her you got her name from www.everydayhighsandlows.com and she will treat you extra specially!



I need a shower!

I came up with a great idea today! 

I went to a friend's bridal shower and she opened a present that was a cool bowl that can convert from a cake plate to a veggies and dip plate to a trifle bowl. It was awesome and I wanted one. Then, she got a new shiny toaster. Ooohhhhh! Then, she got a new matching set of kitchen utensils. 

Right there, I flashed to my current week's project - the utensil drawer. Ugh! I hate this drawer so it only gets attended to about once a year. Obviously, now is the time. 

See, nothing matches. Nothing is shiny or new. It is used up, broken up and mismatched. It is an array of 14 years worth of stops at the store to replace what's broken.

When I got home, I made chili but as I opened my least favorite drawer in the house, I could not find a scooping spoon. Nowhere! I looked in every drawer. The dishwasher. The cabinets. The only thing I could find was a slotted spoon. For chili???

I ended up taking the pot and dumping it into the bowls. Very classy.

I thought to myself, "I need a shower". Not the kind that makes you clean (although most days I need that too) but the kind where your best friends and family bring you new, fun stuff for your house! Various beautiful towels, a new bedding set, or new tissue holder. Yes, I need a shower. 

So I have an idea. Let's make a universal rule that if you stay married for twenty years- you get one. That's fair right? If you muster up enough energy to put up with the same person for twenty years, you deserve a treat. No, I don't need a cruise with my man. I need new stuff! 

The best part is you can register again!!! And this time you won't be needing the cappuccino maker, donut maker, parifin wax hand thing, or even the foot soaker. You will register for stuff you use everyday! You will replace your gross nasty pans, your warped cookie sheets and get a set of utensils that match and can scoop chili.

While we are at it, let's create a spinster shower too. If you have turned forty and have never had a bridal shower and have gone to more than three showers in your life - you get one too! My best friend has attended and bought over 100 gifts for friends and has yet to find the love of her life. She has gotten ripped off! She needs a shower too! Sorry, Jen that I called you a "spinster" but I am attempting to get you free stuff so I didn't think you would care.

Ok, are you in? Feel free to "like" this post on Facebook! Tweet it to your friends! Let's spread the word so we can let everyone know about the new American expectation. Hell with it. Let's call it the new Universal Rule because I have readers all over the world and I am sure you ladies in Dublin or India want some new cool stuff too, right? Isn't this how Valentine's Day got started? And we didn't even have Twitter then! With your help, it should work.

I will keep you posted and let you know when the rule becomes official! Thanks for your help!


It's so hard to watch your kids struggle!

The other day, I was talking on the phone to a friend of mine who lives in Ohio. She was trying to get to know the boys better, since she has only seen them a handful of times.  She was asking question like -which of the boys is funnier, which one is taller. Then she asked me which of the boys was the bravest. My automatic response was Rocco. The way he handles his diabetes and his "all or nothing" personality dictated this response.

But later, when I dug a little deeper, I realized that Zeke is actually the bravest person I know. Things have not always come easy for Zeke. Especially over the past year. Mine and Michael's attempts at sports with Zeke have often backfired. He didn't find his courage during t-ball, basketball or even karate. Hoften had a mini panic attack whenever it was his turn to hit the ball or to take a shot or earn his orange belt. He, like a lot of people, myself included, hears that his turn is coming up and instead of mentally preparing for his moment, he panics. Our flight instinct kicks into overdrive.

For example, when I was wheeled into the operating room for my c-section, I saw the various trays of instruments and clamps and I said to myself, “I have to get out of here! How can I get out of here? I have to leave right now!"  I was panicking! There was NO WAY I was going to go through with this c-section. But as I was planning my escape, they told me to sit up and arch my back like a cat for the epidural. As I did, I looked down and all I saw was my giant belly full of two babies and realized I couldn't go anywhere...ugh.

So, when my son looks at me with that same look on his face, I understand. I get it. Of course, I always want to grab him, take him home, wrap him in bubble wrap and home school him, but I can't.

I say Zeke is he bravest person I know because he does NOT really want to do stuff. Play t-ball, basketball, Yahtzee with the family, or even ride his bike sometimes, But he still does. It is easier for him to not try and not fail than to try and fail. Nevertheless, he musters up his courage every time. If you ask Zeke to do anything lately other than eat, play Ninjago Legos or Angry Birds on the iPad he says no. But after I threaten, bribe, ask politely or coddle, he musters up the courage and he tries. He isn't good at a lot of things yet because he is new to so much. But he tries. And for that reason alone, he is brave.

This weekend, we took the boys to the Great Wolf Lodge. Zeke hates to get his face wet. So my mom, Michael and I strategized how to prepare him for this.

So, the week before, I bought goggles. I also sat with each boy and read the descriptions of each of the attractions from the website (1,000 gallon bucket of water, tandem water slide, hot tub, lazy river, etc...). Rocco excitedly started telling me his list of what he was going to do.  "First, I am getting under the big bucket. Then, I am going down the slide with you, mom! " He was on fire. Super excited!

I waited for Zeke's response. He was quiet at first. Then he started making his list, of what he wasn't going to do!!  "Well, I’m NOT going on any slide. And I don’t want all that water from the bucket going on my head." Backfire, again.

So, I told Michael before we left that no matter what, we would just let Zeke pave the way and have fun. To be honest though, I really wasn't even sure the kid was going to get wet!  But, all the way there he was excited! He was telling us he couldn't wait to get there! So there was hope.

When we arrivedhe was excited but reserved. He dutifully walked over to check his height and then we just walked around. He started to warm up a little, albeit pointing to various items he wasn't going to do. But then the boys each decided to try the smallest slide. Wee!

"Yes! That was awesome!" both boys yelled. They were warming up. Then they went into the big treehouse with Michael.  No one knew that the tree house leads you to up to a place where the only exit was the waterslide. All three guys came back down against traffic because no one but Michael was ready for that. Next, we all went in the lazy river. Slow and steady. Zeke was all smiles. Success so far.

Then Michael and I wanted to go down the tandem tubing slide together. We decided to lead by example and show our bravery. Both boys sat and watched us come out on the bottom. I was glad they didn't get kidnapped. While we were on the stairs, we decided we would try to get them to try this slide. I told Michael the only way Zeke would be convinced is if we bribed him with Legos. I knew Zeke's love language. This just might work.

So we got down to the bottom and explained our proposal.  If they went down the water slide, they could get a small Lego set on the way home. Rocco immediately grabbed Michael's hand and got in line for the big slide. Zeke started crying. Ugh. "I don't waaaannnttt to go on that sliiiiddddee! I just want a Leeeggggooo set!", he howled.

So he and I sat down and I tried to console or should I say conjole him into it. I tried for ten minutes as he howled out his feelings. Then Michael and Rocco came back, smiling from ear to ear and letting me know they were now headed for the double one!

"That's not fair! Now Rocco gets a Lego set annnnnddd IIIII doooooonnn't!" Finally, after about twenty minutes, he calmed down and said, "OK Mom, let's try the yellow one.  But only you come down with me,""Really?", I said shockingly. "Yes", he responded.

He bravely walked all the way up the stairs.  We got to the top and the attendant said we couldn't go together. Damn it! So now we are both finally at the top. I said, "Let's race! You go in the yellow one and I will go in the red one." "NO! Mom, I am NOT going down alone!" he said firmly. I looked into his eyes and I saw sheer panic. My poor boy. So we walked again down the stairs against the flow of traffic (walk of shame). I was stumped. Of course I wanted to say, "OK, let's just get dressed and run over to Toys R Us", but I couldn't. So we sat down again and we talked.

Michael and Rocco did another happy lap past us. I am not sure if this inspired Zeke or frustrated him. I am sure he will tell me when we are in his therapist's office when he is thirty! So, I said,  "Zeke honey, what scares you the most?" He said, "Im not going to be able to breathe." I said, "What if we go over to the pool and just learn to swim today?" "And if I learn to swim can I have my Lego set?" Negotiations!"If you are brave while you try to learn to swim and you try one slide later, I will buy you a Lego set", I said firmly. "A big set?" Scammer! "No. A small one." Nice try.

So we went to the swimming pool. He got in and hung onto the side. I put my leg under his tummy because the water was over his head. I told him to try to make some bubbles. He put his face in the water and a splash went down his nose and throat! Damn it!! He choked, almost threw up in the pool  (that would not have been good) and he said spitefully, "See! I told you."

Omg! Please, Lord give me strength! And give this little guy a break. Nope! It happened two more times. Zeke was just pissed! I didn't blame him. I wanted to quit too.

 I said, "Zeke, your only job is to spit that bad water back out! No water should be allowed to stay in my Zeke's mouth!" He laughed and made a spitting sound! It worked. He took a little water in his mouth and spit again. Then again and again. Then he looked at me and said, "Mom, I'm ready for the slide, but you have to catch me on the bottom." Deal!

I got him a life jacket. He looked like a total nerd with his goggles and life jacket, but I didn't care if the Fashion Police from the E! Network walked in with a camera at that moment. My boy felt safer and that was all I cared about. 

So as he set out to bravely walk up the steps again, Rocco and Michael appeared. "Rocco! I’m going down the slide and mom is going to catch me at the bottom! You want to come too?" "Sure! Good job Zeke!" Rocco has a soft spot for Zeke because he also sees him struggle.

They both ran up the stairs and I made Michael be the lookout to give me a warning when Zeke was coming, so he didn't go under. made my way into the pool and to the bottom of the slide. And we waited. And waited. And waited. Five minutes went by. Alot of little kids kept coming out of the bottom of the slide, but they were never my little kids. Michael couldn't see them clearly at the top.

Crap! I started to walk out of the pool, thinking I would go to the top to see if Zeke was panicking. Then Rocco almost nailed me! Yay! "Rocco, is Zeke coming too?" I yelled to my swimming son. "Yes! Right now", he yelled back.

Just then, here came Zeke, with a look of excited nervousness on his face. He glided into the pool at the bottom of the slide, his face never getting wet as I grabbed his life jacket!!!  Wow! You would have thought he’d won a gold medal as I helped him out of the pool!

"THAT WAS SO AWESOME!!!" Zeke yelled. And before he got near the steps to exit the pool, he said, "Mom! I want to go on the purple one now!" We spent the rest of the day going down all the slides together. Even the biggest one!

Here is a picture of Zeke so proud of himself after he let the big bucket dump on his head! 

On the drive home, I texted my friend: "Actually, Zeke is the braver one!" 

And, we stopped for Legos! 

Funny thing about Zeke: I would say that Zeke teaches me more than I teach him!

Here is an awesome article/post that inspires me to stay tough with the kids and not take them home and protect them with bubble wrap! Hope it helps you too. 


Angel Bear Pump Stuff

  I want to let all of the parents who are currently taking care of diabetic children  know about a company that we have used and loved for the past four years. They, also, have generously offered a discount for you! 


This picture was taken a week before he was diagnosed.
 When Rocco was diagnosed at 22 months, we knew we would want to put him on an insulin pump as soon as the doctor would let us. They usually make you wait a year but we really dug in our heels and learned as much as we could about diabetes.  This way they would feel comfortable letting us have a two year old with such a major piece of machinery.  Wearing this pump meant that we could give Rocco his insulin through a port instead of giving him a shot every time he ate. Life changing for us all!

The main concern about getting a pump washow could this 20 pound child wear a cell phone sized device 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and not touch it? If Rocco or Zeke were to accidentally push a button it could potentially give Rocco a life threatening dose of insulin! 

Here are two pictures of what they looked like when we trying to decide whether to get the pump.

How would these curious little two year olds not touch it? How would these guys be able to roll around together or even play super heroes? How could we saddle our child with this for the rest of his life? Once you start in the pump, we heard, you will never go back to shots. 

It seemed inconceivable!

However, giving this precious face a shot every time he ate, even an animal cracker, seemed more inconceivable. The pump allowed us to insert a tiny straw like plastic piece into his bottom. This would be the portal to administer his insulin. This was inserted every three days and we used numbing cream for the insertions. Then the pump, which holds the insulin, can give him his dose of insulin at the touch of a button! No more shots! No more pain! 

This just seemed like an easier life for us all, but again, how would we ever incorporate such a device into our life? How would he wear it? It had a heavy clip on it but way to heavy for Buzz Lightyear pajamas and Spiderman briefs. 

Then my mom, who is awesome at research, discovered Cindy.

Meet Cindy. 

Cindy is one of those amazing that has turned diabetes into her life's mission to make children feel more comfortable with their diagnosis. To read her full story please click here.

She owns Angel Bear Pump stuff. We wrote to Cindy and explained our situation. She told us about her products and made us feel at ease.  She said she had made pump packs for hundreds of infants, toddlers and children across the U.S.

We have been using Angel Bear Pump packs ever since. Once we put that first tiny "fanny pack" around his waist I really though he would mess with it. But neither he or Zeke ever did. It was odd really. We explained the severity of it to these two tiny people and for some reason they got it. Since then, they have wrestled, tackled, and just played together without a hitch! 
It's hard to see but if you zoom in you can see it on his waist. It worked like a dream!

Last week, I asked Cindy if she would be willing to help diabetic parents by offering a discount on her products. My "Angel Mama Bear" responded as follows:

I would love to give your readers a discount.  How about 10% off the first case they buy20% off the second and 30% off the third? So, for example, if they bought three $25 cases, they would get $2.50 off the first case $5.00 off the second and $7.50 off the third, for a maximum possible savings of $15.00. 

I will be happy to extend the discount over time.  In other words, they don't have to buy all three cases at once.  I will give them the appropriate discount when they place an order, even ifseveral months pass between the purchases.  All they would have to do to identify themselves as one of your readers is type in "Shari-1” for the first case, "Shari-2 " for the second and "Shari-3 " for the third, in the Comments Section  when they check out  and I will process the appropriate discount.  The invoice won't reflect the reduced price though, because my website doesn't do discounts, but they will get the appropriate discount when I put their credit card through the system.

This way your readers can get a discount for trying a case and if they like it, they are rewarded with an even better discount for purchasing again.

Thank you so much for your confidence in my product and for giving me a chance to reach out to even more kids to make wearing an insulin pump easier for parents and more fun and comfortable for kids.  Nothing makes me happier.

Thank you Cindy!  I am so excited to be able to share this with all of you. Her products are wonderful and you can even send her your own fabric if your child is really into something specific.  Once I sent her Buzz Lightyear and Diego fabric.  She held onto it for a year and made several pump packs from it! She is so nice.  Her website is http://www.angelbearpumpstuff.com/

If you don't need pump supplies, check out her website anyway because she also sells books, resources and medical IDs! The discount is good on everything!

I hope your children enjoy her products as much as Rocco and I have!


what are you saving it for?

Well, it's been eleven years and she hasn't shown up yet. NopeThe Queen has been very busy in England. She has not come by wanting to see my fabulous like-new kitchen table!


Eleven years ago, I bought a new table from the store called House of Denmark. I immediately ran out and had a table pad made for it. I was so scared to scratch, dent or ruin this pretty cherry wood table that so perfectly matched my kitchen. The table topper had a faux leather finish. Supposedly, you could put a hot pot from the stove on the pad without a hot mitt. Of course, I’ve never tried it for fear of ruining the table topper!

The other day, our family was playing Yahtzee and I noticed that the table topper smelled like eleven years of Mr. Clean! It was overpowering. So I took the table topper off after we finished the game.


Wow! Looking at the table was like opening a present! It was super shiny and, truth be told, I smiled. Weird to be happy about something like that, but it was like looking at it for the first time when the delivery guys delivered it eleven years ago. Then, I thought, what the heck am I saving it for?


I wish I could say that we entertain a lot and wanted to keep it nice for company. Generally, the only people who visit are my mom, Michael's parents, his two bachelor friends and a handful of my good friends. If I were to remove the table topper when these people come over for dinnernot one of them would care if my table was scratched or dented. They wouldn't even care if we didn't have a table. Why was I not enjoying it for myself? My 1980's upbringing taught me to keep things nice. Back then you might get only one table in a lifetime. Sort of like our depression-era grandparents. Michael's grandma still religiously saves rubber bands and used wrapping paper!


So here I have been saving it for one day when I would really need to impress someone. I guess. Now it is actually a little out of style. It still looks good in the space but it's kind of "mission-like". I have been saving it so long that it is out of date and the House of Denmark chain has been out of business for at least six years!


So I made decision. I took off the chemically smelling table pad and bought some placemats (I am making progress, but still can't totally go rogue). I put the table pad in the closet for the days we need to play with clay and decided to use my table au natural! It was a little liberating.


Then, I started looking around my house. What else was I saving for the Queen?  


The next morning at 7 a.m., I served English muffins and scrambled eggs to two little crazy-haired, sleepy boys on a shiny "new" table, and I used my Waterford dishes, crystal glasses and golden silverware! The queen may never show up but I could at least impress two little princes with Legos! 

And I smiled. Again. 


What are you saving? Better yet, what are you saving it for?


If you have ever been affected by cancer, please read this post.

This is Meri. 

For all intents and purposes, Meri is a stranger to me. We have emailed twice, but I have never met her. I have never seen her face to face. I have never hugged her or even shaken her hand. 


However, because of her blog, Meri also feels like a close friend. I know her personal thoughts, I know her struggles and I feel her pain everyday. Just maybe not on the same scale. Probably like you out there, across borders and time zones, reading this right now, may feel close to my family and I. 


Meri writes a blog called Our Diabetic Life. She has four children, three of whom have Type 1 diabetes. Meri has a very full plate. But, God must really trust Meri because Meri's husband, Ryan, has cancer. Again. 

 Metastasized melanoma, to be exact. He had it a couple of years back and they did surgery and chemotherapy. It was a long haul and they thought it was over. But a few days ago they found out it is back in the form of six brain tumors and multiple tumors in his lungs and abdomen. He began whole brain radiation yesterday.


I can't even imagine. My heart breaks for Ryan, Meri and their four perfect children! I wanted to help Meri but didn't quite know how.  So, I am forwarding Meri's prayer request onto you. She has asked that everyone prays for him over the next couple of months. They have set aside this Sunday for fasting and prayer in their family. I will attach the link to her posting here so you can read the whole story.



Having just watched my sister power through breast cancer over the last nine months, I can only pray that Ryan will come out of this as strongly as she has! 


Thanks to each and every one of you for helping my "friend" Meri and her family.

God Bless You Meri, the boys and especially, Ryan. 

If you or someone you love have a mole "that bugs you", please go have it checked out. You are too important in your life.

Thanks to Ryan, I made my appt yesterday.