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1 type 1 diabetes diagnosis

1 happy life

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National Diabetes Awareness Month Day 18

Just hear those sleigh bells ringing ...

Yes, ladies and gentleman, it's that time of year again.

No, not that time of year. Not yet...

But this time of year!

Yes, THAT time of year. The time of year when you have to go running into the  room where your children are lazily watching TV in enough time to see the latest piece of plastic currently being peddled to your children. 

To which you say, "put it on your Christmas list"

I remember doing the same thing with my parents but, really, have kids still not figured out that if their parents rush into the room, to catch the great amazing toy on the commercial, that they can't actually go and carve it out of some old plastic they have in the kitchen? 

Parents every day from now until December 24 all across the world will still be led by the hand, in a dragged fashion, to see the MOST AMAZING TOY EVER!!! Really? Must we? 

This year, because the boy's playroom has more toys than Toys R Us, I am feeling a little anxious about the approaching holiday. Not sure about you, but me, I need more "give" and a little less "receive" out of my guys. 

I found myself getting mad at their greediness. Now, I know they are kids. It's just how they are. I also know we have all hyped up this time of year to be about the toys.

I also know its not their fault. Hell. If someone told me that a fat man in a red suit (that I didn't have to do anything for) was coming tommorrow and leaving ME a tons of wrapped presents under the tree, I would be calling my kids and hubby into the room yelling, "I want THAT for Christmas!" while pointing to the TV screen, too!! Right? 

Sadly, it doesn't work that way. 

So, I decided to make "give-some-stuff-we-don't-use-anymore-to-someone-who-could" on our list of to-dos for our 30 day project for National Diabetes Month. 

We give because we are able. 

I researched shelters and found one that had a wish list of items. I emailed the list to some of my friends and they were generous enough to bring over some of the items! Thanks friends! You're the best! 

The rest was up to me, the boys, and my mom. 

Since work clothes were on the list, I spent two days going through my old work clothes to try to purge some of my things. It felt good. Then, off to the shoes. That felt even better. 

Here is what came out of my closet. 

Each time I put a shirt, skirt or suit in the white bag, I gave it a little blessing of luck. In hopes that the next person to wear it, may just get their dream job.

After "cleanin' out my closet" as Eminem says, the boys and I headed off to the dollar store. I figured I could get more bang for my buck there. My savvy and "more-prepared-than-I" mom had been stalking the sale papers and driving around town to get the best price on everything. She is amazing! Thanks mom! 

Me, being last minute, I decided to go to store where everything is one dollar. I wanted to get the boys involved and make it fun, I gave each boy $20 and a list of items from the wish list. 

I told them it was a scavenger hunt. They were to find all the items on the list. Besides getting yelled at, by the store manager, for running in the store, it was a good idea. They had fun! 

He was reading the label to make sure it was the NO TEARS kind. 

"Boys! Put the shaving cream in the basket"

Zeke was sad he got the pink one. Lol!

Phew! Made it.

After the store and before the shelter we picked up my mom and her stuff. 
Goofin' off while mom and grandma load up! 

Ready! Let's go! 

We worked up quite an appetite so, next, went to lunch. We ordered some food and I checked Rocco. His blood sugar was 402... Grrrr.... I guess all the excitement in the store really effected his blood sugar. I gave him the correct amount of insulin but as he was getting the insulin through his pump, it started beeping. What the heck? 

Grrrr.... No delivery means that the insulin the pump is trying to give him insulin and he isn't getting it. Most times, it means that the port that delivers the insulin is clogged. Changing a port on the fly has become routine for us. Most times, we can do it in the car. But, when I got to my car, I realized the port change stuff that I have for emergencies was used from the last "on the fly" port change we did. Grrr.... 

Drive a half hour back home, change port, drive half hour back to where we had lunch, then another 45 minutes to get to shelter. Grrr...

Stupid diabetes! You are getting in the way of a life lesson and a good deed! 

Finally got to the shelter and unloaded the goods.

They were so nice. I asked if the boys could get a tour and so they showed us around.
The whole drop off took about ten minutes! Easy breezy. 

On the way home, we all decided that taking two days to purge, $40 and an afternoon was worth it. We talked about how everyone has a story. I learned that lesson from Oprah (good 'ole Oprah). I try to teach it to the boys. It is my way to show the boys that even though you may have diabetes or a different kind of situation, everyone has a story. Some worse and some better. Diabetes just happens to be Rocco's story.

Not sure if our "quick" shelter trip will actually stop the "I wants" but at least it may curb them for a week. :0) 

Also, would you mind voting for us? We are in a fun contest! It only takes four seconds and it's fun! 

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