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9 months of a high risk pregnancy

2 perfect boys (at the same time)

1 heart failure

1 type 1 diabetes diagnosis

1 happy life

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National Diabetes Awareness Month Day 6

We connect because he is able

Today, the boys and I volunteered for Meals on Wheels. I wanted to show the boys that "everyone has a story" and especially that the elderly have a lot of great life stories.


When we arrived at the Senior Center to pick up the meals, all three of us were bright-eyed and bushy-tailed! 

We got our list and had five stops. Two of the stops involved people with diabetes! They were both Type 2 diabetics, which is different from Rocco’s Type 1, but the boys still understood the connection.


In the car, Rocco asked me which kind of diabetes was the better kind to have. Hmmm..... how to answer. I decided to be politically correct (especially on voting day) and explain
ed both types. He listened carefully and then said, "I think Type 1 is better because people are nice if you have Type 1." It made me proud that he has lived in a world where everyone that knows about his condition has shown genuine concern and love. More importantly, that he understood and felt their kindness.


As we delivered the meals, the older people were excited to see the kids. I felt happy to bring them a little joy for the day. They were all so greatful and sweet.

 While we drove, we talked about the different kinds of houses everyone lived in. Throughout their lives, the boys have been fortunate enough to have played in everything from a mansion to a 400 square foot apartment. We talked about how everyone's houses are different sizes and that happiness does not necessarily happen because a person lives in a big house, which was Zeke's initial opinionObviously, he had more fun at the mansion than the 400 square foot apartment - LOL!  As we left a woman who lived in a quaint but very small house, Zeke walked back to the car and said, "You’re right mom, that lady was really happy!" Mission accomplished!


Since today is also election day in the U.S., we also talked about voting. I was excited to tell them that the people we were visiting may have been in the military and protected our right to vote. I was also able to tell them about World War I and II. I explained that voting was a privilegeand not just a big long line. Which, of course, the only way they initially thought of it. During our conversation, Zeke said he hoped that Romney would win because everyone should be able to "take a turn". I laughed at the innocent world in which he lives. Rocco said he would feel bad if Obama lost because it would be hard to be in second grade and have to quit because not enough people liked you.  I told them there are always winners and losers in life and left it at that.


Zeke enjoyed using my camera while I voted!

Once we finished, I decided 
we’d had enough life lessons for the day and treated the little dudes to a fun afternoon out to lunch and then to a local play place! They did well the past two days (yesterday we volunteered at the local JDRF chapter) even though they ARE only seven!


Volunteering for Meals on Wheels was a great way to teach your kids that everyone has a story. I also helped me understand it isn't necessarily about the meals. It helps the community connect. It helps us respect our homebound and elderly. It also helps make sure these folks are OK each day. The whole thing took an hour. If you'd like to check it out for your family,  go to www.mowaa.com. I would highly recommend it! 


Don't forget to check back tomorrow! I am meeting with the Medtronic Rep to get an extra pump so I can walk in Rocco's shoes and wear a pump too! 

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