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20 years of being in love

14 years of marital bliss

5 years of infertility

9 months of a high risk pregnancy

2 perfect boys (at the same time)

1 heart failure

1 type 1 diabetes diagnosis

1 happy life

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I am a stay at home mom who is raising twins. One of my guys has type 1 diabetes and one does not. I am writing this blog to unite type 1 parents or twin parents. Comment on my posts or in the "what's your high?" and "what's your low?" to join the community of parents just trying to do the best we can!

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little authors

The idea came from my mother-in-law. Thanks Mama – you’re great! It was inspired by my post Diarrhea"  and "Back to School is a Full-Time Job. I was telling her how much work it was to actually get Rocco settled at school this year. She suggested I create a little book to explain what diabetes is and how it works. She said to make it simple for all adults and even kids to understand. It sounded great, but who has the time to create another book while I am still trying to publish my first one? However, the more she encouraged me, the more I got inspired. But there were already so many great books out there about diabetes. How could I do anything differently?  


I then thought about what makes us unique and what we might do that is different but useful. What hasn't been done yet? As I was thinking, I was blankly staring at Zeke. He got uncomfortable with my stare and asked whether I wanted him to do something for me.  Then it hit me!


Cue the angels singing and the sunshine beaming behind Zeke’s head!! I smiled and said, "Yes, Zeke, you actually can do something for me!"


Zeke! Zeke is what makes us unique! We have a little non-diabetic guy who lives the exact same life as his diabetic brother. He has to deal with diabetes by default.


I asked Michael and the boys what they thought about writing a book. They half-heartedly said sure, but then we started talking about it. The ideas didn't stop flowing! We talked about it for two hours. Creating and re-creating.


We decided we would create a book of questions from kids about what diabetes is all about.

However, we would ask 
questions not only of Rocco but we would also pose questions to ZekeEveryone always wonders what Zeke thinks about all of this anyway, so this could be his chance to finally speak out!


We decided that I will write the questions and the boys will answer and draw pictures that relate to each question. Michael has a background in drawing and art, so he will enhance the boys drawings with backgrounds or additional detail. We are super excited!


Now, I have to figure out how to publish or self-publish this book. Hmmmm.... If anybody has any connections with publishers or illustrators for the front and back covers or is willing to fund our project (ha ha!), just write to me at everydayhighsandlows1@gmail.com.


I have to keep costs down because I told the boys they could keep $1.00 from every book sold. That’s a good motivator for seven-year-olds.  Beyond this payoff for the boys, whave all agreed that any profits would be donated to help cure diabetes. It will be our fundraiser. Who knows, maybe I can convince Scholastic to pick it up! Or the boys can go on a book tour!  I am nothing if not a dreamer!


have already contacted a NY Times best seller illustrator through Facebook and email to possibly create the cover already. He he! Go big or go home, right? We'll see if she answers back.


As we work on it, I will share the progress we make along the way. So far they have two pages done!

If you are a bad person out there, please dont steal our idea - the boys would be crushed!


If you or your children have any questions for Zeke or Rocco, please post them in the comments section below. No question is a dumb one. I would love to hear what you want to know. Sometimes I can't see the forest through the trees. It would be great to get questions from an outsiders perspective! The boys would love to feel connected to this outside virtual world that I speak of often. ;0). Thanks for sharing.



Bradley Dunlap said...

Shari, I think that is an awesome idea! My wife and I also have 2 boys, a 5 yr old with T1 and a 3 yr without. I wish you and your family great success!!

Tim Brand said...

Awesome idea! There is Spry publishing in Ann Arbor. The published the Kids First Diabetes Second book by D-mom. Maybe call the marketing dept for some diabetes supply companies see if they are looking for ideas.

Shari said...

Bradley, Wow! 3 T1s! Do you guys ever sleep? Lol! My heart and thoughts go out to you guys! Thanks for your nice comment. Shari

Shari said...

Great ideas! I will look into it! I think it could be great to have Scholastic help us, too. Understanding increases tolerance which decreases bullying! Thanks for commenting! Check out www.bleedingfinger.com too!