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20 years of being in love

14 years of marital bliss

5 years of infertility

9 months of a high risk pregnancy

2 perfect boys (at the same time)

1 heart failure

1 type 1 diabetes diagnosis

1 happy life

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How are you going to change the world today?

A long time ago, I watched and episode of Oprah. She was interviewing Maria Shriver. Maria was speaking about how wonderful her parents were. She said every morning her dad would wake up the kids and one by one whisper in their ear, "How are you going to change the world today?"

At the time, I was desperately trying to have children and I memorized this idea. I thought it was so cool to empower children like that. Well, since then while most days start with "YOU GUYS STOP PLAYING THAT STUPID MINECRAFT AND GET DRESSED!" Once in a while I remember Mr Shriver and ask them the question.

When they were three and I whispered it to Zeke, he responded, "I'm going to love you more..." Beautiful Zeke.

Well, I can proudly say tomorrow morning, when I wake up my seven-year-old Rocco, I am going to whisper that question to him. He will be able to answer, "I'm going to Washington D.C. to meet with my Congressmen and tell them what my life is like with Type 1 Diabetes. Then, they will vote to renew the Special Diabetes Program that will cure diabetes for everyone."

WOW! Well, I am sure he will probably say, "I'm going to make a floating, glass house in Minecraft!" But he very well could answer what I said above! A girl can always dream...

Truthfully though, we are so excited to have an opportunity to help people with diabetes everywhere. Rocco amongst 164 other children will go to Capitol Hill and speak with their Congressmen. They will show them scrapbooks they made that tell their story of what it is like to live with this disease and to put a face to the paper that will help cure them all.

JDRF is simply amazing! This process has been handled so seamlessly. Getting one D kid on an airplane is monumental. Getting 165 of them and handling all their care during three days, deserves a Noble Peace Prize! Just amazing.

So, we are off tomorrow! We fly into D.C. later at night but I will be posting pictures along the way.

Keep checking Everyday Highs and Lows every day because I will be posting lots of pictures of the fun! Wish us luck! We'll get this done for you, your child and the thousands of others checking their blood sugar right now.

Here is Rocco's video that he made for the Children's Congress website!

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Sandy said...

Amazing! I love it. Great job on the video. So proud of you for representing all of us and fighting for a cure. Have a great trip!