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20 years of being in love

14 years of marital bliss

5 years of infertility

9 months of a high risk pregnancy

2 perfect boys (at the same time)

1 heart failure

1 type 1 diabetes diagnosis

1 happy life

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We won!




Such an amazing story to tell his grand kids!

So I haven't had a good Internet connection for two days! So I hope you don't mind me posting two days of fun in one day's post. 

First, let me start by saying the world is an amazing place. When you spend your days in a bubble that you call home, you can become sheltered by your own complacency and your own comfortability. Well my little guy sure has cracked open my shell and shown me a world I would have never knew, if he hadn't come along! 

Excuse me for name dropping in this post but if your anything like me, meeting or getting close to influential people gets me excited! So I will pretend you are all like me and name drop galore! 

Day #2 of our JDRF Children's Congress went like this:

Get dressed. This is the standard uniform of all the children. I considered it like their superhero costumes! I love that he did all of this important stuff while wearing character underwear. I kind of just reminded me that he is still only seven. 
I'm sleepy but I'm up and ready to go! 
The first part of the day was sitting and listening to all of the people with diabetes who have done amazing things! So inspirational for Rocco to see he can do and be anything with Type 1 Diabetes! 

Here was the line up: 

ABC Family's Mary Mouser, Top Chef's Sam Talbot, Charlie Kimball the race car driver, NBC news Associate Producer Leslie Adkins, MLB's sportscaster Brian Kenny, & 10 Olympic Gold Medalist Gary Hall Jr.  Phew! The power in the room was intense! 

Checking blood sugars interrupts even really cool moments! Kind of the reason we're here though, I guess. 

Then, we were off to lunch! 

Rocco was asked to give an award to the Ford Motor Company for their tremendous efforts on being the largest fundraiser for JDRF of all-time! We were thrilled at such an honor! 

They told us we were at table 3. Which was in the front! Yikes! We sat next to the awesome Moira McCarthy Stanford who recently released her first book on raising teens with type 1 diabetes ( a much needed publication!) She was wonderful and warm! Then we sat next to the Ray Allen & his awesome wife Shannon who sits on the JDRF International Board of Directors. They have a little boy wit T1D who is simply adorable! Ray is a 10 time NBA All Star and probably the nicest man I have ever met! We also sat across from a wonderful woman named Elizabeth Brakebill who is the Community Relations Manager for the Ford Washington staff. She even offered us tickets to an IMAX movie in the city! Finally, we sat across from Mrs. Cynthia Ford! She is also on the JDRF's  International Board of Directors and does such amazing work for and with JDRF! 

Okay, so THIS is where I got nervous! I mean, THE Mrs. Ford? Really?!?!? 

Let me tell you guys, she was AWESOME! So down to earth and so wonderfully great to both myself and especially Rocco! I mean WOW! What a lady! 

So then it was time to present the award! 

The President of JDRF said a few words and then shook Rocco's hand. 

Then, Rocco, Jeffery Brewer, Miss America 1999 and Elizabeth Brakebill from Ford snapped a picture! I was really so proud of him! 

Mrs. Ford was so nice and snapped a picture with Rocco! 

Then, Jeffery Brewer was nice too and snapped a picture! 

"Hey Mom! That's me!" 

Flashback: One day when the boys were crawling around on the floor, I looked at Rocco and said to him as I picked him up, "One day, I am going to see you behind a podium!" Then I kissed him on his chubby cheek and carried on about my day. I have never forgotten that for some reason! So after the luncheon was over, I told him to go up to the podium and take a picture! I was so happy to see my dream come true! 

After lunch we went to a training session on how to speak with our two Senators and one Congressmen the next day. It was very scary because there was so much to know about how to handle these meetings and more importantly get to them! The Capitol Building is a big place! 

Oh well, better practice what I had been preaching to Rocco all day and "Find my Brave!" No going back now! 

We went out to dinner with Zeke and Michael and saw the White House at night! 

So, when all was said and done we just had an amazing day!!!

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