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20 years of being in love

14 years of marital bliss

5 years of infertility

9 months of a high risk pregnancy

2 perfect boys (at the same time)

1 heart failure

1 type 1 diabetes diagnosis

1 happy life

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The Mommy Command Center

I used to have an office in my house. It was a bright, sunny room that made me happy the minute I went inside.

Then, I had these two...

And they grew into these two...

And they got some of this stuff...

And some more...

Soon my beautiful, "Shari world" office became this...

And now my office looks like this...

It's a nice little spot in the world but it is just that - a spot. 

So, I needed a place. A place to put all of this stuff. 

Don't you hate all that stuff? 

So, I got inspired by this.

So, I created this. 

My favorite part is this. I bought it at Kirkland's. 

Mail is stressful. Bills. Coupons you have to suddenly memorize the expiration date. Magazines. Which to me are just giant to-do lists (make more nutritious meals that cost $1.99 per family, paint my dresser a whimsical color, take a class on how to do that, buy the latest color nail polish although I am forty-one and shouldn't be wearing lime green nails, etc...). So, mail, yes, it can be stressful. Especially when it's usual home is the front seat of your car, a big bag, your kitchen countertop, or stuffed in between school notes. So, I had to stop the madness. I splurged and bought this beautiful chest of drawers. 

Ever since then, my mail is non-existent(well, at least out of sight) until I am ready to take it on. The first drawer is the catch all (walk in the door and dump everything into this drawer), second drawer is for bills, third drawer is for coupons, forth is for electronics (cameras, extra headphones, batteries, plugs) and fifth is stuff for my husband because everything he ever has to worry about in his life takes up one single drawer (Lol!). As long as I stay disciplined, it all fits in these five drawers. I bought the wall unit at Pottery Barn outlet years ago. It was always so heavy that I was afraid to hang it. I am very fearful of nails in walls. They intimidate me! Especially when it comes to working with studs and these little things. 

They scare me as much as these do! 

So my handy friend came over and helped me bite the bullet and hang it up! Thanks! 

We lovingly call this new area The Mail Center but I secretly call it The Mommy Command Center! 

My sister asked me to help her make one up too. So we went to Target and found all of this! 

Click here for a coupon code if you buy any furniture from Target! Yippee! Coupons! 

Then, we went to Office Max and found all of this! 

Click here to see their furniture and get coupon code. 

So, I hope this post helps you create something fun for yourself! It's winter, you are probably bored and you have mail on your counter just staring at you. Right? Why not create a space all your own that doesn't have Cheerios in it? Enjoy! If you do, email me pictures of your awesome center to everydayhighsandlows1@gmail.com

I'll do a follow up post with all the pics to inspire everyone! 

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