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Shoe on or shoe off?

I have made up a new universal rule. I think you will agree with me that it really needs to happen. The rule is that when someone puts out a party invitation, instead of including a dress code on the invitation, the invitation must include a shoe code. To make it easy to implement, I will include a sample invite. 

Friends and Family,

Please Join us for a Holiday Party

Saturday, February 23, 2013


Food and Drinks will be Served. It is a shoe-on Party

RSVP by 

See? Nice and easy. Let me explain why this needs to happen.

When you are attending a party at someone's home, it is always a question whether or not they will let you keep your shoes on. Personally, I like to have it both ways – off at my house, on at your house!  As hypocritical as this might seem, that's how I like it. You probably do too. Haha!

If I know whether it is a shoe-on or shoe-off party can I confidently plan the rest of my outfit. For example, I have some pretty rocking, high-heeled boots. Of course, my life consists of running to volunteer at the school and buying shaving cream at Target, so never is this girl going to wear these fun, festive boots to anywhere but a house party. If I wear these boots, I like to wear them with jeans that go down to the floor. Never does a high-heeled boot look good with floods. I know, why would I buy a pair of boots just to cover them up?  Doesn't make sense to me either. It just looks better!  Bare feet and long jeans make your butt look dumpy. Am I right? This is why God created high heels. To make our butts look better!

If it is a shoe-off party I will forgo the "long" jeans and just wear the "regular" length jeans. Because long jeans rolled up also make your butt look dumpy! Once the length of the jeans is determined, then I can pick the top. Then, the hair. Then, the jewelry. The shoe-on or shoe-off decision really is the key to all of this.

Then there is the question of socks or no socks. Summertime is easy. Most of the time during the summer, your toes are pedicured. However, in the winter, like the shape of your armpits and legs, toes are anybody's guess. If you have been married for more than five years, it's probably safe to assume that by Christmas only your big toe is sporting polish, left over from your summertime pedicure. As for the armpits? Probably the same deal.

I should also mention here that I can never seem to get the bottom of my socks clean! This is basically because I am afraid of bleach. Who knows where one, left over, little drop will land! I am always fearful that it will happily plant itself on the thigh of my favorite pair of jeans! (You know the ones that fit you perfectly even though they are titled "curvy"? The same ones that they don't make anymore. Probably because women all over the world don't want to be called curvy, especially every time they sit to go to the bathroom! Get a clue fashionistas, would ya! Yep, those.) So, I stay away from bleach. To add insult to injury, I throw white socks into any load. New jeans, red sweatshirt, whateverI figure they already look rough so why bother. They are usually white enough-ish! But they are never white enough-ish for a shoe-off party. 

Don't even get me started on what it's like to be standing in someone's kitchen with a summer sundress, barefoot! Talk about dumpy...

So, for the foreseeable future can we all just agree to include the shoe code in our invitations? Maybe I should call e-vite and pitch this idea...hmmm.... 

1 comment:

katy said...

I love this post! Such a smart idea. I can't imagine showing up in my hot look of near-to-the-knee boots with over-the-knee socks over leggings, and having to take off the boots. What a nightmare!