Our long story shortened...

20 years of being in love

14 years of marital bliss

5 years of infertility

9 months of a high risk pregnancy

2 perfect boys (at the same time)

1 heart failure

1 type 1 diabetes diagnosis

1 happy life

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I am a stay at home mom who is raising twins. One of my guys has type 1 diabetes and one does not. I am writing this blog to unite type 1 parents or twin parents. Comment on my posts or in the "what's your high?" and "what's your low?" to join the community of parents just trying to do the best we can!

We won!




Eggo Nutrigrain Waffles

For the first 3 1/2 years, breakfast was my nemesis! Anything I gave Rocco would send his blood sugar straight to the moon. I tried every cereal, oatmeal, bread, and english muffin on the market. With virtually no insulin in his system, the carbs would rise before the insulin hit him. Then by lunch, he was always in the 300s. I would send him outside to play hard or send him off to play with his twin (if it was too cold outside). Unfortunately, poor Zeke got the brunt of Rocco's high blood sugar behavior. It was so hard to see them struggle all morning. Fits, tantrums and frustration.

I always imagine this feeling to me eating four chocolate cakes then having to sit in a box for four hours.

I even just eliminated all carbs together but the fat in the other non-carb foods ate away at him too. Not as bad so I stuck with that for about 9 months and EVERYONE was sick of greasy breakfasts by the end of that stint.

But then! Then I found my best friend - The EGGO Nutrigrain Blueberry waffle! I only add a couple of squirts of spray butter and an egg on the side. This breakfast of champions did the trick!! I would check him about two hours into the insulin, low and behold- SUCCESS!! He was always in the 100's!!! He didn't yell at Zeke anymore! He didn't cry. Our mornings ran so much more smoothly. Thank you Kelloggs!

I hope if you try these little gems, your child loves them too!

Blueberry Waffles

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