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20 years of being in love

14 years of marital bliss

5 years of infertility

9 months of a high risk pregnancy

2 perfect boys (at the same time)

1 heart failure

1 type 1 diabetes diagnosis

1 happy life

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New Summer's Resolutions!

Today, marks the beginning of summer vacation in our household! I have to tell you I am thrilled! I really thought I would be a lot more nervous about having two rambunctious boys home with me all day long. Especially two rambunctious boys that are now used to doing something all day long. But, I believe at this moment, I can handle it. 

I decided to make a list off all the things I wanted to accomplish this summer. I realized it was a little like a New Year's Resolution type list. So, I named my list New Summer Resolutions! Here goes:

I will: 

I will make them get dressed everyday.
I will do their hair and teeth at least once a day.
I will take them somewhere every day even if it is to go get McDonald's.
I will let them have a moment of peace everyday and not constantly bark orders all day. 
I will do one page from the Summer Bridge books everyday.
I will play games with them whereby I don't let them win every time. They are 6 now.
I will deal with the losers cries and not give in. 
I will let the Diabetes mom hat go once in a while and let the kid be a kid, even if it kills me!
I will teach Zeke to swim with his darn head underwater.
I will be patient during this process (even if it kills me).
I will make them wear their helmets when riding their bikes around the block.
I will get off my lazy A and go with them on said bike rides.
I will bring his monitor and glucose tabs everywhere we go. Lesson learned!
I will say yes a lot and not always no. Even if the request is ridulous. 
I will try to be fun. I mean, I will be fun. 

I will not:

I will not sleep in until 9 every morning while they watch TV. 
I will not, however, feel bad if I turn them off by turning the TV on in the afternoon for an hour and a half.
I will not drive them into the ground on our vacations by planning too much.
I will not try to make my husband go to every festival in our area.
I will try not to become glazed over with his diabetes care and I will count Rocco's carbs as religiously as I do when he is in school.
I will not their bickering get under my skin.
I will not kill them. No really, after three in-vitros and five years of infertility, they cost too much to make! 
I will not let the pretty flowers I planted in the front yard go and get scraggly by July.
I will not constantly yell "be careful!". Careful is overrated! 
I will not forget to bring my iPad to let them play games when we go to the ER for not being careful. 
I will not forget to take tons of pictures of the funny times for my blog. Pictures are fun! 
I will not do housework all day long. The summer is too short. 
I will not mess up all the cupboards and closets I worked all school year to organize.
I will try to stay present while they are repeating themselves, showing me something or telling me a story for the 1,000 time. 
I will not forget that they will only want to do those things for the next couple of years then they will only want to show and tell their friends.
I will not worry so much about what the kids will become and just let them become.
I will not worry so much how bad I look in a swimsuit. 
I will not worry so much.

Ok, I think I have enough. I know that last one is going to keep me pretty busy. What are your "New Summer Resolutions"?

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