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20 years of being in love

14 years of marital bliss

5 years of infertility

9 months of a high risk pregnancy

2 perfect boys (at the same time)

1 heart failure

1 type 1 diabetes diagnosis

1 happy life

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the big pink ridiculous bike!

The big pink bike!


My favorite color is pink. Soft, pale pink. Always has been. Light blue is my second favorite, but pale pink is the first. But let's face it; this chickadee does not see a lot of that pale pink color. I am knee-deep in Legos, frogs, rocks and mud. Having some pink in my life would be a real treat!


I need a bike. The boys are becoming better on their bikes, and I am at the point where they ride too fast as I walk behind them. Ahhhh, I remember the days when a bike ride with the boys could end up in tears, blood and me carrying two twelve-inch bikes, with the training wheels banging into my shins, while Rocco and Zeke howled and limped home. Those were the days!


Not anymore! Let me tell ya! These two are picking up steam, and fast! So, it is high time I got a bike. I have a mountain bike from college that has been living in my basement with the wheels off for twenty years. Really? Sadly, yes. That bike is from a long-ago life, so I don't really feel a strong attachment to it anymore.


So, imagine my squeal of delight when I spied this pink beauty! 

Isn't she pretty? Yep! I wanted her! I just wanted to hop on her at Target and ride her through the store, straight to the checkout. But my practicalboring side won out. I thought, “I have a perfectly good (maybe) bike at home.”  "I am forty." "My neighbors are going to think I have lost it!" And finally, the unfortunate, ever-present thought - "i shouldn't spend money on something like that right now".


The boys were with me, saying "Mommy, you should get that! You love pink!  Just buy it! Dad works hard" (My favorite!)


But I walked away. Saddened, I came home and asked my husband to fix up the one in the basement for my birthday present.


As the days passed, I thought about my pink beauty, but I wasn't sure I could confidently pull it off - such a dazzling, daring bike! It was PeeWee Herman nerd likeIt had a basket in a salmon color that clashed with the light pink, and it had whitewall tires, for God's sake! And it was really pink!  But I still loved it. Secretly, I went back to visit it twice by myself at Target in the weeks that followed. I can't believe I just admitted that!


So, imagine my surprise and delight when I came home yesterday and there it was! With a big, pink bow on it! The boys had told my hubby and he went to get it! Even my close friend texted him and said "she really wants that bike, go get it". He said he felt so silly walking it up the counter. He said he wanted to scream out, "It’s for my wife!" The three of them were so excited to present me with their secret birthday present! It was a great moment for the family! I, of course, squealed with delight (again!).


So, if you see me around town riding the big pink bike, give a honk! Because at forty-one, I am going to ride my ridiculously fabulous pink bike with joy and confidence, because life can be boring with its trials and responsibilities! It's time to have some fun!


It's true what they say.  Hopping on for the first time in years was just like "riding a bike"!

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Anonymous said...

I love your bike! Alexa said she has the same one at her dads house.