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20 years of being in love

14 years of marital bliss

5 years of infertility

9 months of a high risk pregnancy

2 perfect boys (at the same time)

1 heart failure

1 type 1 diabetes diagnosis

1 happy life

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if you can't beat 'em...

Everyday at school,  Zeke collects rocks. He puts them in his pocket. Everyday, I wash the pants (and rocks). Everyday, I open the dryer because he rocks are loud and annoying. I worry that they are going to dent the dryer, scratch the dryer or rip the clothes. So, I pull them out. You would think I would check the pants pockets before I wash the pants so I don't have to hear them in the dryer, but I don't. Don't know why I don't. I just don't. 

I hate the rocks!

Well, I hated the rocks until today...

Today, I pulled out a rock from the dryer and I actually looked at it. Usually, I just throw them in the garbage or outside. Stupid annoying rocks...

The rock was pretty. Actually, really pretty. In a rock sort of way. 

Then, I imagined my little guy finding such a pretty rock. He must have been delighted by it. So much so, that he decided it was good enough to save. I thought about him on the playground taking a minute for himself. Away from all the kids, the teacher's demands and the noise. Only for moment he took some time for himself everyday and found a cool looking rock. "Good for him!", I thought.

So, I went into the kitchen and I found a pretty vase and I put all this week's rocks in it. I will use it in my laundry room as a reminder to myself to take simple moment everyday for me. Just me. 

I won't tell my little guy that I am collecting his rocks though. No. Then, he would start collecting them for me. That will change which rocks HE chooses. It will make me part of his alone time. He needs this and I won't butt in. I will leave it sacred. 

One day, when he gets his first office. I will transfer the rocks into a manly jar and I will give them back to him as a present. He can use it as a bookend or a cool decoration. But, more importantly he can see it as a reminder to stop and take a moment out of a new busy day - just for himself. 

Hope Zeke inspires you too to collect a rock now and again!


Anonymous said...

Wow... that is sooo cool!

Anonymous said...

The next time Zeke needs some 'rock-spriation', have Gramma take him to Auntie Cheryl's.