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20 years of being in love

14 years of marital bliss

5 years of infertility

9 months of a high risk pregnancy

2 perfect boys (at the same time)

1 heart failure

1 type 1 diabetes diagnosis

1 happy life

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Tooth Fairy!

Two of Rooco's teeth have been loose for four weeks. We have been waiting patiently, but they haven't budged. Finally, on Sunday, they seemed ready! Both teeth on the bottom were equally wiggly. My hubby told me that they were only held on now by the skin that surrounds them. Gross! It still puzzles me why my dentist husband loves his job so much! 

So we prepared.

I had the boys make tooth fairy pillows. Yes. Eventually, they got bored, so I finished them. 

I ordered two sets of coins from the TV that were gold and depicted each of the first twenty U.S. presidents. Each tooth lost by Rocco and Zeke will represent one president! A cheap way to avoid the toy store and a little bit of a keepsake too! 

So yesterday the big moment arrived! Daddy came home with all of the proper dental tools and numbing agents. He told Rocco to lay down on the kitchen table (nice...) and got him a pillow for his head. He put the numbing jelly on the site. Once the jelly made the area numb, he told Rocco to close his eyes. Then he gave him an injection of more numbing medication. Rocco never felt a thing and didn't even know he got a shot. Zeke was nervously playing Angry Birds and putting his hands over his ears as he saw the injection. So, it really is a matter of time before Rocco finds out too. 

Then this happened. If you are squeamish don't watch this video...

Wow! Are you as surprised as I was? That was fast, painless and a little anti-climatic, I must say. Just the way it should be! 
It is a testament to my husband who is an awesome dentist and my brave little trusting boy. Just another reason why he is the toughest kid alive!

All set! 

Time for bed.
The boys were so excited now! The fun part was the tooth fairy! 

Rocco put his teeth in a little tooth box that daddy brought home. 

So cute! He now lisps a little when he says a word with an S! 

Then he went in the bathroom with Zeke to check out his new look.

click to see the video

Fast forward to morning.

When I woke up at 6:30, the boys were already up and Zeke reported he had read (& gave details on) 135 pages of a Magic Tree House book! Gosh! How long had they been up? Since they can't tell time yet, they had no idea.

Rocco said he woke up first and then woke up Zeke when he found his coin! 

Coin? Only one? Crap!

So, when the tooth fairy came last night and got so excited to sprinkle fairy dust, "she" forgot there were  actually two teeth.  So in the morning "she" scrambled upstairs and planted the second president coin on the floor. Excitedly called the boys upstairs and said, "Look! The the second coin must have fallen out over night!" Rocco was super excited to now have two coins that he bought it. Phew! Close one. 

Today, Rocco will be enjoying a tooth themed lunch featuring a hard-boiled egg, peanut butter and jelly and apple sauce. All soft stuff.  Actually, it was almond butter and sugar-free jelly. Shhhh! Don't tell Rocco about Jif peanut butter - too many carbs for his Type 1 diabetes! 

Mission accomplished! Now it's Zeke's turn. I will keep you posted.

I found this pucture on the internet, so if you bake and don't have a child with diabetes or allergies, try these! They look awesome! 

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