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20 years of being in love

14 years of marital bliss

5 years of infertility

9 months of a high risk pregnancy

2 perfect boys (at the same time)

1 heart failure

1 type 1 diabetes diagnosis

1 happy life

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We won!




10,000 hits!!!


When I started this blog two months ago, Zeke asked me,

"Mom, what happens when you win your blog?"  

"I don't win doing my blog, honey."  

"Well, how will you know if you are good at it?" Good question, I thought at the time.  

"I will know that it’s good if I get 10,000 hits", I said, pulling the number out of the air.

 "What will you do if you get 10,000 hits?"  

"We will all go out and get banana splits at the Dairy Queen", I blurted out. 


The boys have NEVER had a banana split and always wanted one at the Dairy Queen.

When they see his sign they look at it dreamily and say, "Can we get one of those one day?". 

I say, "Yes, when you are 35 and you can pay for it yourself", in my best Archie Bunker voice. 

Then, I usually get them two small vanilla cones because those are only 38 carbs (better for Rocco’s diabetes). They dutifully accept what is offered and are happy just to get ice cream.

"YEAH!" Zeke cheered when he heard the news of 10,000 hits, running off to report the news to Rocco. I remember hoping that they would not remember my promise. I figured it would take me at least a year to accomplish the goal, and the chance they would remember was not that great. 


To my surprise and delight, today we hit 10,000 after only two months! I got excited and smiled a big smile. The sharks smelled blood in the water and wanted their banana splits. Shoot!

So after they got much needed haircuts, we headed to the big DQ. 

Ok, here we go. I checked Rocco’s blood sugar and he was at 112. Perfect place to start. Phew!

I looked up the carbs and it said it was 96 carbs for a banana split! Omg! Why did I do this to my poor child? No turning back now - look at those faces. 

They are so excited! I am freaking out inside, hoping that Rocco’s insulin pump can offset the huge intake of carbs!

Rocco took his first bite before even sitting down!

 I gave him 1.4 units of insulin as recommended by his pump, although I only told the pump he was eating 50 carbs, in case he didn't finish it. Fat chance! I said "Now, if you get sick of this you can throw it out. It’s NO big deal!"  Zeke said, "NO WAY, I’m going to finish every bite!" "Uh huh", mumbled Rocco through a mouthful of ice cream and bananas 

Thankfully, halfway through, Rocco ate a piece of pineapple and got grossed out!! Yeah!

A minute later Zeke got grossed out by all the sugar! Due to their diabetes friendly diets, they are sugar lightweights.  

They walked over and threw away what was left and Rocco asked if they could play with their friend Ben when they got home.

"Of course", I replied. The best thing a diabetic child can do after eating 50 carbs of ice cream is rough-house outside with friends, to help work off the carbsAwesome! 

They played with the neighbor kids for an hour. But then, I was worried that Rocco’s blood sugar might drop too low from the combination of insulin and exercise.

Diabetes is such a roller coaster! I called Rocco home and checked his blood sugar. Much to my delight,he was a70, too low but not by much! 

So we actually had three wins today:

(1)  I got my 10,000th hit!  I am only 90,000 hits away from a publisher looking into publishing my book. It's a start. Thank you everyone for logging on and spreading the word to your friends and for posting my link to your Facebook page for others to check it out! I really appreciate all the love! You rock!


(2)  My kids will be grossed out every time they see the banana split sign.


(3)  Rocco's blood sugar handled a huge treat! Thank you insulin pump! What would we ever do without you!



At 20,000 hits I told the boys I would take them to the movies. I am learning... 

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