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the stomach flu

Ok, time to get real. 

Sick kids are gross. Nasty, in fact.

As with many cities across the US, and probably world, the flu is seeping through houses in my town like a gas.  It is just oozing from one house to the next.  If you typed the word flu into Facebook right now it would probably crash due to the high number of postings about said topic. Yesterday, Lysol wipes and Saltine crackers were sold out at my local Target. So, I am just sitting and waiting for it to affect our house.  *whisper*- so far we have escaped it...shhhh...

The flu here means possible dangerous high and/or low blood sugars for Rocco. These could potentially turn into hospitalizations for him so as you can imagine I get nervous when I hear the word flu.  I continue to lecture the boys everyday to wash their hands and to use sanitizer any chance they get. I even went to Bath and Body Works and bought them hand sanitizers decorated with skulls and ghosts that they can clip on their backpacks. But really, I realize that I am just fooling myself. I mean do I seriously think that two 6 year old boys will really say to themselves "gee, my hands feel gross I better get my skull decorated hand sanitizer now".  Yes, I know I just wasted $2.85 but they were on super clearance because they were from Halloween.  So it's  a loss I am willing to accept. 

Now, I know we are supposed to say "oh, they are just children. They are precious angels. The poor things just don't feel good.". And yes, we do say this but inside we are all thinking the same thing. Yuck! Gross! I hope I don't get this crap! 

Let me be the first to admit that having your child puke in your hair because you brought them into your bed to watch over them isn't angelic. There I said it.  Phew! That feels good. 

Boys, don't be offended. When you are 35 and have your own kids you will think the same thing. I promise. 

Then there is the mind-racking delimma of deciding to take your feverish skinny child and put them in the shower at 4:30 am or just let them go for a couple of more hours til daybreak. Either decision seems terrible. 

Finally, once they do start to feel better (drinking a little and eating some crackers) there is the back and forth reasoning of sending them back to school today or not. Here is where I always forget the rules. Is it 24 hours after the first throw up or after the most recent throw up? It's like you want to keep them home if maybe just for a little bit more but you are so sick of being needed that a day to yourself or a day to get back to work so your boss doesn't give you "the look" seems refreshing. 

Anyway, to everyone out there dealing with your precious children puking in your hair or your beds, I say "good luck" this week. I am hoping writing this post will bring me some good karma and this household will skip over the dreaded flu. But, I probably just jinxed myself. 

On a side note, what does the flu shot cover anyway? Total mystery... Lol! 


lotsoftots said...

for the first time since she was diagnosed last winter the flu ended us up in the hospital for 3 LONG days..I hadn't seen her that sick except for the day was was diagnosed..and when we called the family Dr who was on call ( not our normal Dr) he just kept telling me treat her like any other sick child... well duh a type 1 child is NOT like any other child..it was at that point I realized I knew more about diabetes then some of our so called medical workers ..sad thought isn't it....now when I know the flu is hitting I stock up on Lysol, juices, crackers, Tylenol and cold and flu meds...my thoughts are if its on hand you wont need it...lol praying it stays away from both of our houses!!!!

Anonymous said...

well the flu shot covers certain viral strains and most of the time the CDC gets it right but in recent years the strains going around aren't the same as the ones in the flu shot, so you're outta luck.
I've had my share of sick kids and I just keep the "bucket" around for the vomiting and keep giving fluids and acetaminophen. It's not fun being puked on but if anyone is going to puke on me , it best be my kids.

Flying_Monkey said...

My own toddlers' vomit is the only vomit that didn't invite me to join in. That said, we haven't had anything worse than a 24-hour earache and one day of missed school since diagnosis. I'm NOT looking forward to our first real sick day.