Our long story shortened...

20 years of being in love

14 years of marital bliss

5 years of infertility

9 months of a high risk pregnancy

2 perfect boys (at the same time)

1 heart failure

1 type 1 diabetes diagnosis

1 happy life

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I am a stay at home mom who is raising twins. One of my guys has type 1 diabetes and one does not. I am writing this blog to unite type 1 parents or twin parents. Comment on my posts or in the "what's your high?" and "what's your low?" to join the community of parents just trying to do the best we can!

We won!




You can't take the "boy" out of the boy, no matter how hard you try!

Recently, Rocco was accepted as one of 150 children to go to Washington! We have been so excited about our trip since we got his acceptance letter. In July, our family (Michael and Zeke, too!) will be heading off to Capitol Hill to urge lawmakers to continue funding diabetes research for a cure and advanced technology. 

However, with power comes great responsibility. One of Rocco's tasks is to write to his two senators and one representative and ask them each for an appointment. From there the wonderful people at JDRF make the appointment. Then, Rocco and other children from his state go to their offices and speak to these members. Hopefully, once they meet them and hear their stories it will resonate deeper on voting day. It's always better to put a names and faces to the disease. 

He was having lots of fun writing the letters but then he made himself giggle. He said "Mom, look oops!" 

Notice the last word. 

We both got the belly giggles and thanked god for erasers! 

I guess you can take a boy to Washington... Have him speak on Capitol Hill...

You can even have him help raise $800,000 at a fundraiser

You can shower him and dress him up in a tuxedo. 

But at the end of the day, you can't take the "boy" out of the boy...

I only hope this particular senator has a raised a few boys of his own and doesn't notice that extra erased "T"! Lol! 

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