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20 years of being in love

14 years of marital bliss

5 years of infertility

9 months of a high risk pregnancy

2 perfect boys (at the same time)

1 heart failure

1 type 1 diabetes diagnosis

1 happy life

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I am a stay at home mom who is raising twins. One of my guys has type 1 diabetes and one does not. I am writing this blog to unite type 1 parents or twin parents. Comment on my posts or in the "what's your high?" and "what's your low?" to join the community of parents just trying to do the best we can!

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Easter voices from heaven

My favorite holiday is Easter! I love pastels, bunnies and chocolate. I have wonderful memories of pretty dresses, white tights with white, patent leather shoes that sounded like high heels and Easter egg hunts! 

Easter always reminds me of my Dad. He took us to church and there was always a light, sunshiny-sense of happiness in my house on Easter. Two years ago, my Dad came over for Easter. We had a nice time and he left. He died ten days later. It was hard, to say the least. 

Yesterday, my friend asked me if I believe if people that have died reach out to us. I told her not sure how it all comes about but yes I definitely believe that.  

Then today, as I do every year, I thought about my Dad a lot. 

Around 7:30 tonight, I noticed that I had a missed call and a voicemail from that same friend. However, when I scrolled over to the list of calls this is what I found. E

My heart stopped and I smiled. Then, I cried. Then I said "Happy Easter to you too Dad." 

I am sure the logical explanation is that I accidentally dialed his old cell phone number. I have kept it in my phone because it gave me the opportunity to trick myself that he is still here. I know it's weird but it comforts me. Until today, I forgot I left it in there. 

I also had this fantasy of dialing it again and having him pick up (from heaven)! If I had one wish in my life besides diabetes being cured it would be that you could call people in heaven. 

Anyway, so "Yes, my friend. I do believe people that have passed can and do reach out to you!" 

Happy Easter everyone! Hope you get a sign from someone tomorrow too! 

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